Good deals for TE fightsticks in canada?

I was wondering if any fellow canadians can point me to the right direction on this one.
Does anyone know where you can get a fightstick for a reasonable price (Mainly under 120$CAD) It doesnt matter if its round 1 or round 2 whatever. I heard that you can get them for eighty bucks at eb games but I went there and asked if they had any in and they gave me the (they dont make them anymore) bs.

My PS3 stick I got used off of Craigslist, and my new Xbox stick, I went to EVO and purchased from Markman himself. It’s kinda hard to get anything here from the US.

EB Games? saw a used for $145 but that was a few months ago

I’m sure they ship to Canada…

I’m sure they ship to Canada…

no. no they dont.

HUGE BUMMER! sorry didnt notice that…

wow dude for $120 CAD

you can get a SE for around 87CAD* + shipping + tax Buy the MadCatz Official Street Fighter IV FightStick at

*warning they take a while to deliver

and buy some parts and mod


also watch this thread

Except those sticks are like 50$ or something ridiculous like that with the madcatz sale. Hell, even the TE sticks are cheaper than that right now.

fightstick tournament - Price comparison - Canada’s Cheapest Prices

Looks like $162 is cheapest

I’m in canada, I got my te maybe 2 months ago for $129 with $24 shipping, trying to remember the site…

$125 plus $44 shipping to canada is not bad has them listed, round 2 version… sometimes we pay more to get something now.

If you can get an American buddy to get a stick while they’re on sale and ship it to you, I’m sure you could fit a TE within your price range.

The cheapest option thus far is either have a friend in the US ship you one, or grab one yourself if you’re ever in the States. I grabbed a couple 99$ Round 2s from Fry’s when I was in Vegas. Oh, and pick up some booze when you’re down, too. It’s dirt cheap.

that’s a real nice deal man

cheapest i ever got it was 99 USD + shipping

@ Nyahnyah - you should totally go for that! (if you like)