Good External HD

My computer doesn’t have much space left so I’m thinking about picking up an external but I know nothing about them.

Whats a good one to get? Experiences? Does size make a difference other than price? Etc.


im looking for one too

from my experience, bigger isn’t always better.
“bigger” drives have to have multipel drives set in a Raid 0 config to account for space.
if you’re looking for a good external drive, keep it to a single drive mechanism.
you’re best bet all around is a 500gb sata drive.
if you’re on a pc keep it usb2.0/sata and if you’re on a mac, keep it to fw800.
please keep in mind that all drives fail.
most average between 18 and 36 months.
your best secure storage solution is dvd, imo.
with external drives, always make sure to safely eject/remove the drive through the correct procedures in your os.
also, if you’re not using it, turn it off and disconnect it.
if your computer crashes or you have a kernel panic, you could risk your data by keeping the drive consistently mounted.
don’t focus on rpm speeds, if you want CONSISTENT thoroughput, look for a drive with AT LEAST 16mb of cache.
the reason i recommend that is because it takes longer to transfer a bunch of small files than it does one large file.
also, make sure that you have any power-saving bus options disabled, that way your external drive doesn’t get ejected by your os, and it does not go into sleep mode.

again, just info based off of my experiences as a tech.
can’t really recommend a drive, but i hope that info helps.


I like the Western Digital Passport USB harddrives over anything else personally. The only problem with these is that the max size is 120 GB iirc.

They don’t run off of an AC adapter so it increase the portability, if you are using these with a laptop for example.

However, if you using this for a desktop PC it might be better to go with what other people mention. Although I will again recommend Western Digital because I have had no problems in the past.

Appreciate the replies~

alright time to do some critical thinking here kids, best thing to do is the following. Rather than buying an external hdd that usually has a one year warranty, why not buy an internal seagate hdd (has a 5yr warranty) and buy yourself a usb/firewire combo hdd enclosure (recommend a mad dog enclosure as it has a 2 yr warranty) all this equates to saving some money in the long run and better warranty so that if they did go to shit in the future, you be getting a new one instead. see that wasn’t that hard was it. mr tech251 saying, “later”

btw, go pick up your shit @ chumpusa as it’s going to hell in all of CA. just thought I’d give you noobs a heads from your buddy here at the forums. and yes, tajiri and I would recommend both the option I listed and his