Good fake-out options

I hope this thread isn’t flamed for “trolling” or for being useless…

I’m wondering what the rest of the Sagat mains use when trying to bait an opponent or to just fake them out…

When I want to fake a TS, especially against an ultra-filled Abel or Chun, I normally crouch for a second, quickly stand and throw a lp, then crouch again. If they start to catch on, sometimes I use mp, but occasionally you get punished for it.

When I want to bait a shoryuken from a Ken or Ryu, sometimes I crouch and then do a f.rh then immediately hold back. The forward round house has so much going on, it baits well. However, if the opponent’s reaction is quick, this can be punished.

Anyone else have some helpful baiting options?
What about some character-specific baits?

If anyone wants my opinion on some character-specifics, I can try to help out. I’m at about 16k in G1, so I can try to help out with just about any match-up!

Generally, you’re right. At high-level, it doesn’t always work. But occasionally I come across spastic Kens who’re looking to pull off AAs or counters. Especially when the match is down to the wire, they just want that counter. If their reaction-time is slow, it’s worth a shot, then you can punish.

Meaty looking overhead - double RH fake kick is great vs giefs and whenever someone is within “unsafe ts range.” A lot of ducking, or random focus… still the best fake out I’ve ever used / seen is throwing someone / kneeing someone… then immediately dashing across screen up to their face on wake up. guarantees a 99% chance the enemy will block in horror since at full screen everyone is used to going through the TS obstacle course all over again. This proves even more true if you have 2 super meters. Oh the options :slight_smile:

Do 2 tiger shots every time. Just wait for a bit and spam (get hit maybe) and do 1 instead : )

I actually laughed while reading this, because I can recall so many matches online where you just kinda stand and duck real quick and people just do random bs when they see that. Or they wake up mind games are hilarious, too.

Faking a TS against a jump-happy Gief, then double f.rh into ultra when he falls for it is definitely one of my favorite situations.

I also love pulling a focus attack and they crouch block right in front of you… So I dash forward for a grab. It’s so risky, but so rewarding when you pull it off.

PGL, I sent you a friend request on Live. I’d like some practice if you can offer some, I respect your knowledge!

Do a fake kick and buffer QCFx2, block. if they do anything, hit 3K

:hk:~:hk:, :d::df::qcf:, :db: (:3k:)

due to SF4’s easy inputs, the ultra will still come out after blocking. If they take the bait by jumping, throwing a projectile, anything that doesn’t put them too high in the air (like a fierce DP), then you ultra them in the face. If they don’t take the bait, you’re already blocking.

If you don’t have ultra you can buffer a DP or something too. point is, fake kick goes from great to awesome if you buffer an input in there.

Ahhh I like that… I’ll have to try that out in training or against my buddies.
Now I wonder if I can still buffer that input if I’m… whispers still using a controller… :confused:

vs good twitch players i find fake kick and crouch, stand, crouch jab a godsend

when sanford looks for something to reaction ultra, i gotta bust that shit out to keep him honest sometimes :lol: (he still rapes me though!)

Fake kick is not an option for me… Yet…

You’ll be surprised how many people try to attack you after you whiff f.HK… it’s an excellent fake out option late in the game when your opponent is antsy looking to land a hit. Just be careful not to do it too often… eventually they could get wise to your act.

Yall niggaz can’t fake kick on pad?

Scrubs. lol. :wgrin:

Fake kick.
And best one of all… Ultra buffer. Can set up soooo many options… like :r:+:lk: when it’s unsafe TK range.

Fight pad? I’m using a 360 controller… lols

Dualshock 3 for me.

Fuck that fightpad mad catz trash.

Matt are going to C3 on Oct. the third?

Maybe. I’ll let ya know.
Anyone else have good options?
Character-specifics would be great… :slight_smile:

fake kick bait into TU or ultra work great against a balrog from mid screen without much effort. if you see them EX anything, get ready to ultra or EX tiger knee. both are very effective.
Also a slow fireball at full screen with balrog could bait a tap and punish the tap with a kara EX tiger knee

Fake kick against Ryu when you’re closer-mid screen to bait a fireball and ultra him in the face! If you see him hurricane kick, TU works in addition to ultra. If they lk hurricane you have to be quick with the ultra.

Yeah me 2 lol, I see L.I joe use fake kick alot on wake up and its worked like 80% of the time. But I still cant do it on pad.

You got that shit right.

True that but I’m going oldschool

SNES controller baby!