Good fighting controllers for PS2/DC?

I’m trying to find a pair of controllers to use for 6-button fighters on Dreamcast and PS2, and I’ve run into a few options:

-X-Arcade Dual Stick with Adapters (I went this route in the past and was not too thrilled)
-PS2 Saturn Pads (would be nice but they’re impossible to find)
-Agetec Dreamcast Sticks (a bit pricey and limited to DC but from reviews they seem worthwhile)
-ASCII FT Dreamcast Pads (doesn’t seem to save much money compared to the sticks, but they’d save space at least)
-Real Saturn Pads + Total Control 3 (might end up costing less than the ASCII FTs, but again limited to DC)
-PS2>DC adapter + SFAC pads (I already own the SFAC pads and don’t really think they’re too good)
-PS2>DC adapter + actually good PS2 controllers (this sounds like a nice option, but I’m not sure what’s available for PS2)

Let me know of any other alternatives, these are just the ones I could think of but I’d be willing to try others. My two big questions are:

-What are some good sticks for PS2?
-Do they work well with the Total Control adapters for Dreamcast?

Thanks for any suggestions and take care!

One of our forum members makes custom Saturn to PS2 converters if you want to go the Saturn pad route.

Here’s a tutorial where I made the SFAC pad suck less.

If you want to go the stick route get a Namco PS1 stick or a HRAP. Both will work fine with converters.

Agetec’s are a classic for me when DC gaming. if you can get a hold of a modded Agetec, that would be ideal or like Kyle said, any PS/2 stick with an adapter will work fine (+1 for the Namco + adapter). good luck with your search =)

If I were you I would try and get a PS2 stick and use the Total Control Plus DC adapter. It works great with the 2 PS2 PCBs I use (PS1 Digital PCB and HRAP 2 PCB)

I actually found an Agetec DC stick locally for $25. Is this a good deal? It’s in good shape, I’d only use the case with all Sanwa parts and a PS1 PCB that I’d throw in there. The only reason I haven’t bought it yet is because I don’t necessarily NEED it as I have other sticks, I just always liked the look. Especially now tha arthong offers a plexi and I can eliminate the VMU slot (my adapter has a VMU slot on it.

The Agetec is a good case, and $25 is a great price for it. Just know that the mod takes quite a bit of work.

The Agetec Dreamcast Stick is pretty nice. FOr the PS2 I recommend the Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 SA. Is a full Sanwa joystick and it can be easily found for a reasonable price. The Hori Real Arcade Pro SE is also a nice joystick (specially for shmups) and this one is a full Seimitsu but it’s pretty much impossible to find and the price might scare the crap out of you. Good luck!

I don’t think I’d say the HRAP 2 SA is easy to find now…!

“Reasonably-priced” HRAP 2 SA’s will probably cost at least $150 used if not closer to $200 now.

As for the Agetec Dreamcast Arcade Stick, that’s more plentiful and $25 is a STEAL for that stick! They usually go for $60 in good condition although I’ve seen Japanese vendors selling them mint for $130 online.

I’m seconding what Chad said about the Agetec DC Stick mod. It IS an involved mod! I do believe it takes an excellent stick – probably the best pre-PS2 joystick I’ve played with – and turns into a top-level stick for current-gen systems with a PCB replacement. At the very least, replacing the buttons and joystick will make it more comfortable and allow more authentic playing experience with the DC ports of Capcom, Sega, SNK, and Tecmo fighters…

I just got done with Phase I of my mod (about a week ago – two-week job for modding with long stops!) which involved cutting down plastic to fit Sanwa buttons into the base and doing precision cutting and mounting of a Seimitsu LS-32-01 with self-clinching flush rivets. Before I got my Art Hong plexi, I also modded the original metal faceplate to allow the Sanwa buttons to fit through. If I had to do it again, I’d have gone with screw-in buttons but Sanwa is horribly deficient colorwise in that arena… You definitely have to Dremel (cutting head, circular) to mow down plastic to fit your Sanwas in snuggly. That’s something like 65-70% of the Dremel mod work there! The rest of the Dremeling is cutting one of the support columns by half to fit in the replacement joystick assembly. There are parts of this mod where sanding and precision filing and cutting is unavoidable; you just can’t use the Dremel to fine-tune the area to install the LS-32 or JLF you’d put in this Agetec base.

Fitting in a replacement PCB (likely MC Cthulu) or retaining the original Sega PCB for the Agetec isn’t a big deal… If you do keep the original PCB, don’t cut off the wiring or harness connects – that can all be reused and is compatible with Sanwa/Seimitsu hardware! Other than putting 0.110 QD’s on the existing wiring, the only thing I had to do was put in a terminal strip to interface between the original joystick wiring from the Agetec PCB and the Seimitsu wire harness. Very straightforward wiring/electrical work.

As I hinted earlier, I really don’t think I’m done modding this stick even though I have my artwork and plexi in place now. Besides a replacement PCB to make it multi-system (likely another MC Cthulu) I’ve got to sand and repaint the metal baseplate… during the Spring/early Summer when the weather permits painting. I tried this last month and unfortunately the paint job is not faring well. It was just too cold and too humid to paint!

Interesting, thank you everyone for the input. Kyle, that looks like a neat thing to try with the SFAC pads so I’ll give that a go while I try to seek out some Namco sticks. The HRAP 2 SAs seem cool too but GeorgeC is right about the price (unless I’m looking in the wrong places). Definitely sounds like getting a PS2 stick and the converter would be the best route, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Let me know through PMs if you have any to sell/or if you find any good places to buy them.

Do you already have a TE? Just mod it for DC/PS2 - no need for multiple sticks.

It’s roughly $5.00 worth of parts to mod a stick to ps/2

HRAP 2 SA is still an excellent controller… probably the best Hori made for for PS2 and definitely still in contention with the HRAP 3 SA and MadCatz TE as one of the best controllers you can use on a PS3, period.

(Frankly, I like the color scheme on the HRAP 2 SA better than the HRAP 3 SA. I’m a sucker for light blue buttons and white casing…)

The problem right now is finding people willing to sell these sticks used for a reasonable price.

They’re just hard to find now. The 3SA is definitely an easier get. The only reason to go after the 2SA is for the PS2 functionality or as a collector’s (mania) item.

Try the Trading Outlet forum. You can’t sell there, mugen, unless you’ve been on SRK for at least 6 months but definitely can still ask around and see if someone is willing to part with an HRAP 2 SA.

Of course, what makes them ideal controllers is A) built-in compatibility with PS2 and other systems with converters (PS3, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, XBox, PC, Mac, etc.) B) common ground PCBs for dual/multi-system compatibility and C) the universal mount.

I don’t know if I CAN call my HRAP 2 SA an “SA” anymore! I put in an LS-32-01 recently… I think it’s more of an SA-SE or HRAP 2 SE/A now!