Good fightpad for mpxxhands?



I’ve tried getting it down on a regular 360 controller, but it seems I have to switch the buttons around so X is mp and Y is lp to get it to work, and that would take A LOT of time to adjust to … plus it’s still not 100% accurate when I do it that way (sometimes get EX, for instance). As of now I need to use stick to nail mpxxhands consistently, but I’m worse at combos in general and movement on stick. Figure a 6-button layout fightpad would be my best bet. Any tips on good ones? Used to own the Madcatz SFIV one, but the d-pad was pretty bad and it broke after a month.

Also, not that it belongs to this discussion, but I might as well ask for how many frames you have to nail st m mp>hp and lp>hp. First one isn’t so troublesome, but I sometimes miss the second. Figure it’s probably a 2-frame link, but it could be 1-frame as well. I usually do cr lk x2>cr or st lp>tcxxGekiro if that makes any difference for the second combo (figuring you might get more frames to link the hp if you’ve done several lights before it, making your last lp hit on a later fram and thus giving you a better frame advantage).


if you practice you will get it with any controller and any configuration, there is no easy way just practice. time you have to cancel it is 5 frame start up 4 frame active and approximately 6-10 frame of hitstop, you have plenty of time to get it and its the easiest multitap move in the game


sMP to sHP is a 2 frame link and LP HP is one frame, there is no way to make it 2 frame link.


Thanks for the info! Yeah, it’s definitely possible for me on a controller, but it kind of hurts my overall gameplay when I have to put so much effort into nailing it on 360 controller. That’s why I am looking for a good six-button layout controller now.


You have to make do with MadCatz Fightpads I heard the newer models are better.


Thanks for the help! I can’t seem to find anyone shipping to Europe, unfortunately. I bought a Versus Fightpad instead of the Madcatz one. Liked the cleaner design. Hopefully it is good, too; I’ve heard it’s better than the Madcatz one. :slight_smile:


glad to be of help


I bought a Versus Fightpad, and I don’t regret it for a second. Best controller I’ve tried, by far. Unfortunately the dialog stick has gotten bad within only a month of frequent use,but still …