Good Games 3 - Son of Good Games thread

Alrighty. ONLY for good games. Nothing more, nothing less. Get to it.

GG to Gramps the other day and his Chun Li.

gg’s to chicken power the other day in marvel.

ggs to Aures

GG’s to fatherbrain. Gief hurt my Chun in ways I couldn’t imagine. :sad:

We gotta play again, sometime. I could learn alot.

yeah. I gotta get past your fugging pokes better

ggs to Aures, Jeebus and Gatsby

More people need to get into A3!

We need a real tourny or something on .61

ggs to fruity loops

I thought Fruity Loops was you, Gatsby?

ahahaha it is

GGS to TheTomass

niceeeeee Birdie

good games to nastradamus KEYBOARD WARRIOR SON!

lol how da hell u play on a keyboard! my hands got raped for free with this thing.

GGs to MR.Lutz the other day and last night GGs to gatsby n’ King of fuckers 2005.

ggs to Steeletek in 2k2, evil Kim hahaha

good games to all i played today. keyboard better that pad son

ggs to darkonesun and silent shade. good shit to both

great set to father brain ill have to play st more often

ggs to fatherbrain in garou lots of close matches man
and sorry about my mame freezing i logged right back on but u werent there

gg’s to live, in SF:CE’. always close matches. :slight_smile:

gg’s to I AM CANADIAN!, in ST. some good trades. :wink:

gg’s to 7 in a3. I got you early, you got me late. :smiley:

…and to the others I played in a3…can’t remember names, but good challenges.