Good games,not popular

Anyone here know any good games that aren’t popular. I found Guwange(Japan) and it’s a greater shooter. I usually hate shooters, but this you can choose from three characters and walk around fedual japan fighting off monsters. Graphically it’s really good and very smooth animation. Expect the mosters to be something you would see in a anime(Ninja scroll, Samurai X). It’s two players and you can find me on the server as Big-D if you want to play.

-Feel free to post some games that are good, but not popular.

If you liked that, try some of Cave’s other shooters in MAME:

Dangun Feveron
Progear no Arashi

As for unpopular but great fighting games, there’s Breaker’s Revenge and Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 (well it’s known but not too popular).

Ok I’ll check them out.

I found some fighters: Waku Waku 7, Rage of the Dragons, Power Instinct M…

Haven’t played them yet , but i read about them here.

A site that has alot of information on arcade games and how rare they are.

daraku tenshin fallen angel! Actually, I dinked around with it for a bit and the system is more or less crap as far as I can figure out. BUt anyways, it’s great while it lasts :P.

I checked out that game, it looks like a rip off of KOF series…I could tell the fighting system was horrible by the looks of the pic.