Good Games, the return! (Now with subtitles!)


gg’s to iansanity yesterday on ggpo st. :karate:


man ive been looking for an american to play 98 with. are u on ggpo?

and good games to ChrisDom on ST epic matches bro!


i am crazy about games…i want to make more collections …please suggest me website from where i download games.


GGs to all I been playing against I was under the alias Buckaroo Banzai on GGPO ST.


GGs to all I played in GGPO 3s.


gg willdestroya, cutwest and everyone else i played recently on ggpo


ggs to everyone I’ve played lately in ggpo 3s


Nice matches the other night Shend, Rak, northstar, any other decent player who I could barely take a round from etc.

3s has still got it :wink:


GG’s boss.

Also GG’s to Balbars, lovely Hugo.


ggs caliagent i think it crashed at the end super long session though… my hand is cramped


ggs dg. sorry gotta sleep. ggpo was getting pounded so nothing I typed was getting through


I guess it froze but good games to mr b in Vampire Savior on GGPO.


ggs nica, barhoum, hispanicjap, and anyone else i played… if i dont type during the match thats cus i doesnt let me type messages if i close the main chat window while the game is running… i just found out doing that prohibits specs which has made games on ggpo 100% MORE FUN!!!


ggs to all i played i learn so much.

this applies to ggpo:
anyone who plays me probably knows i dont chat on screen thats because i close the main window once the game is loaded up. i dont know if its just me but when i close the main chat window the chat function in the game window stops working. so when a set is finished i dont see anyone saying ggs to me and i cant say ggs to anyone else. i hope no one is pissed at this. i forget who showed that to me… whoever it was thanx!

also more ppl should close the chat window why your playing on ggpo cus it saves the connection and makes the game run more smoothly. sure u lose access to chat mid game but it runs more smoothly.

for those who trash/troll talk while u play its fun to play u since i cant see whatever u type anyways. +)

oh crap i remembered who showed me its my buddy commonsense1 he showed me that. the biggest and best reason to close the main chat window once the game fully loads is that it eliminates anyone from spectating your games. thats the major internet speed saver not having specs coming in and out lagging u up.

thanx man! ggs


penalty corners late in the first half and a trio of corners at the start of the second, but the F&M defense clamped down to maintain the one-goal advantage.

** GHD Hair Straighteners**


Ayo ggs to @keogamer in Breakers Revenge on GGPO.

We Definitely gotta run that back again lol.


This is funny I played someone by the BBA gt on ssf4 3ds. AWESOME Bison!

Ggs he wiped my ass like 40-5


DAMN. Before GGPO and Fightcade.

Good games to everyone on FightCade this weekend!


ggs to all i fight


Where are the old school fighting gamers? We need to take over SF5 and show these newbies how it goes