Good Games Thread



I felt we needed one.

Good games as always to Joe.

Good games to Cookie, sorry it was laggy (it got bad) but my PS3 is on wireless, only the 360 is plugged in.


good games indeeeedy, sorry I didn’t recognize your username until like way later, :lol:


good games to any sakura player i bump into on xbl. as much as i hate sak vs sak, (i don’t like hurting my own girl), it was def. fun.


Sorry Crazykat.
So I couldn’t play with you.
I was waiting for Joe-oh-ken to connect to me.
But I didn’t know that he dropped you to play with me. :sad:

ihpsta, we never got to play each other.
But I have you on Xbox LIVE Friends List.


Thats cool, did Joe catch you with his DAMN DAN ULTRA’s lol. I really need to watch peoples meter bar more often. :annoy:


In before Hidamarii, good games Hidamarii :stuck_out_tongue:

Even thought I ultimately won, I also ultimately didn’t use the random select for half the matches :stuck_out_tongue:

I was kinda nervous and jumpy, did random shit I didn’t want to (mainly jumping), botched up two Ultra attempts >.< and couldn’t adjust to the tick throwing (got me every time :(). Seriously, you could do that to me all day and I probably wouldn’t catch on to it :frowning:

Sucks you don’t have a mic, talking to buddies always puts me (partly) at ease during playing ^^;;

Sakura mirror match was an even 1:1 :slight_smile:


on xbox live yesterday and today… after getting to 13000cp it seems that you only play good people now haha. All G2-As and very rare low level G2s that are really good. I keep playing this Sakura that is like 2500cp and that person just gets me everytime. I probably one like once but thats it. I’ve never actually got that sort of infinite combo pulled out on me… and that person did it haha i was like WTF?! I’ve seen it before, but after that it motivated me to start playing with Sakura.


ggs shytzoo and obey562! thanks for the proper beatdowns. :sweat:


heheh yep good games… im so rusty, been like amonth since i played… at first i was all in blazblue mode… i literally tried to run across the screen and came as surprise when i only did a forward dash


hehe gg’s sandwichcookie


ggs to any random SRK guy I may have gotten beat down by. I havent played any of you guys yet though, I can’t wait to get beaten by someone who actually uses saks as a main, I could learn something. on another note: shytzoo, your sig is the best sig ever, or at least the best one in recent memory. lol


heheh thanks =)


Indeed it looks flashy. But its useless due to damage scaling. I would only ever do it in a player match.

Or do it twice and finish with ultra


So yeah I am wasted atm… Who wants to play? Joe just beat up on me in randoms lol.

Edit: On 360


Yes I did

I was completely out of my Sak/Dan comfort zone.

Randoms are fun and a good learning experience. I learned who I’d never play as.

But Crazykat was spared of the Dantras.

Next time, Daman. Next time :badboy:


Good games Cookie, those were pretty amazing matches.


I wish I had a PS3… sometimes.

I wanted to get some games in tonight. Who wants a go tomorrow? Maybe someone I haven’t fought yet. Or Crazykat can get his daily dose of Dantas (sorry I play Dan as well lol)

EDIT: I do have a small amount of time to get some games. Who’s got next?

And has anyone else had trouble connecting to some invites?


Good games tonight Crazykat.

It seems your Sak is getting better than mine. I do tend to back off of rushdowns which I why I lost as cough Dan as well. This isn’t the Dan thread, but how dare you beat me with Dan against mine! I expect to lose to your Sak with mine, but geez!


ggs last night 1nce again aka whattaboywikked. Anybody else wanna add me to spar?


I added you Mr. F. Hopefully when we get a chance to play our connection wont act like there is a giant ocean between us.