Good games to get into the fighting genre? (PS3)


[FONT=Helvetica]So i recently got into the fighting game genre. I used to play them here and their only with my friend cause he was addicted to them but i personally hated them (probably cause i couldn’t even pull of a hadouken). Only fighting game i had was the original Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 2 (downloaded on my ps3). My friend got me Street Fighter X Tekken as a gift about 2 weeks ago and i am totally addicted now. That also made me start playing my sf4 and mvc2 games i had too. After joining the fighting game community and browsing for a bit, i found so much hate on sfxt and i don’t know why. Since no one really plays sfxt, i want to know what fighting games you guys play? I just ordered a Madcatz Tournament Edition SF4 fight stick off ebay (coming in the mail) and only have $30 left right now (high school budget). So what game do you guys think i should buy? One that has an active community and fun to play with on an arcade stick? Right now I’m considering Either Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, or Skullgirls. Any others worth checking out? Thanks![/FONT]


Just play the games you like. Ignore the haters.


No one’s stopping me from playing sfxt as it still is my favorite fighting game, i just want to see what games you guys think are the best so i can try them out and see if i like them.


Everything on Mame.


soo uhh, whats Mame?




Mame is an old game emulator for pc. Most old fighting games are far superior in depth, complexity and graphics (so long as shiny isn’t what you’re looking for ). The controls are more responsive and it’s free.


That sounds interesting, would it work for an arcade stick and does it have online play?


There are a good amount of options out there, depending if what you want is to continue with something similar to what you already own or if you want to try something different your options vary .
Also some options depend if you have a local scene or not based on how good or bad is the netcode of the game.
My list of recommendations considering your budget and trying something different would be like:
BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend if you want something different with good netcode
King of Fighters XIII, is like a more agressive old school formula fighting game, but it has a terribad netcode
Skullgirls, shares a lot of elements with MVC2, it has great netcode
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and SoulCalibur 5 if you want to try a 3d fighting game, they also have great netcode

If you were able to get some extra cash, i would say that you can go for Persona 4 Arena, it has a good amount of players online and offline right now, it is also a good game to start if you are new to the “Air dashes” fighting games, plus it has a good netcode.

This month Tekken Tag Tournament 2 got released, and DOA5 is comming out next week.

Now, my advice, before buying any of those games, try to get them borrowed from someone or try to rent them, that way you can see if you like them and decide based in your own opinion and not on what some random people on the internet tell you.

Another game that i could recommend is Battle Fantasia, but that game is pretty much dead anywhere :confused:


Thanks for the great response! Idk anything about my local scene, pretty sure no one plays fighting games that much around here but i do have a few friends who play, one who ordered the same arcade stick as me at the same time. Blazblue looks pretty interesting so i might get that. I’m downloading the demo for Skullgirls on ps3 right now so if its too similar to MVC2, i guess i won’t get it. I tried my friends Tekken 6 and Virtue fighter 5 a long time ago and decided i hated 3d fighting games but i guess i’ll try them again. King of Fighters seems pretty cool so i’ll consider that as well. I can’t get Persona 4 Arena right now but if i wait till Janurary, i would have enough to get it so i’ll see.


Check and see if you do/don’t have a local scene…and local doesn’t mean just a 2 block radius.


Doesnt look like New Jersey has much of a scene.


New Jersey definitely has a scene…


What he needs is a game with mostly all “mechanics” and basics that have a priority or usefulness. Unblockables, cross-ups, etc. If you don’t have a scene, make sure you play online or somewhere close to you if you can’t drive every where like everybody.And find something thats not lagging in content.

imho, I’d never request someone to BlazBlue, but since it is modern and has most mechanics/meta-gaming from older games I’d say try it(before you try SFxT).


my recommendation is learn 1 game well before branching out into 20 different games


He already has SFxT it is actually the game who make him want to explore the genre

If he wants to be a tournament player, then yes is a valid advice, but if what he want is have something to have fun with, i really don’t see the problem with trying other games, it is not like you have to be top player material on a game in order to enjoy it, imo.
Besides who knows if one of those other games catch his attention to then point of wanting to become a tournament player.


If the size of the player base is your first priority when looking at new games, I’d say you can’t go wrong with SF4 or UMVC3. I HIGHLY recommend looking up your local area in the matchmaking section of this forum to meet up with fellow locals. That way, not only do you get to be part of the community, but you’ll get a better feel for what games are popular in your area, and you get to make friends.


I recommend sticking with SFxT if that’s the game you like, and getting used the feel of a tournament stick before you jump into other games. It will take a few months to get the hang of it.


Any game that you think looks fun. Thats as far as your thought process should go.


Play SFxT. You like it. You already said it has you playing MvC2 and SF4.

Honestly? You don’t need any more games, if you want to play competitively, and it sounds like you do if you’re ordering a stick. Most competitive players only focus on one or two games in order to stay competitive. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t dabble and play around and have fun, or even switch up your focus choice if you find you are starting to like another game more and more, but the important thing is that you always focus on one game.

I play primarily SF4 and 3rd Strike, but I also dabble in SFxT, MvC 2 & 3, and a few others.

Don’t sweat all the SFxT hate.