Good Games to play w/ my new joystick? Please recommend



Finally got my hands on a round 2 TE Fightstick. Did a quick search (have read a LOT of the stick modding threads already) but was unable to find recommendations for PS3 games that work well with a joystick. Please recommend some games for me besides the ones I have listed below. Thank you.

Fighting games
Tekken 6
Soulcalibur 4
Marvel vs Capcom 3

3d Game Dot Heroes

any games that only utilize one directional scheme (since the stick only has one… joystick. although if i could add another stick to my joystick as a mod … hrm.)





Try shmups like Gundemonium. Final Fight/Magic Sword is also good. Blazblue CS obviously. you can probably pick up KOFXII for under $10. VF5 is good but the PS3 port sucks. Tekken 5:DR. MvC2. SFAII. Probably loads more…


Demul+ Guilty Gear Accent Core


I had a lot of fun with N+ and Super Meat Boy. They’re pretty great for building manual dexterity, as well. Super Meat Boy will blow you up, though. Be careful.


Ah yes, forgot about the shmups. Havent even heard of some of the games you mentioned. But thanks for reminding me of old favorites like KOF and N+. Blazblue and Super Meat Boy, will look into. Thanks guys.


Metal Slug. ALL DAY.

And Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

The way the games were MEANT to be played!

Also, Melty Blood is a decent fighting game.


with a stick? you crazy nigga


Pac-Man all day.


Metal Slug is definetly in arcades


both games are


Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. PLAY IT.


Yeah, both of those games are originally in arcades.

That’s why Metal Slug games are out for blood on every level after Level 2. They want to take your quarters! Level 1 is usually doable with less than a dollar but after that the difficulty curve spikes way up.


Super meat boy will improve your reaction time and execution no joke… but you will get blown up LOLOLOL… Alot of cammy and viper players I know have played it


4 player co-op aegis wing on insane… hella fun. Ikaruga is fun too when your want a break from fighters. TMNT arcade is dope too.
Any1 shed some light on castle crashers controls for me , do you need a right stick?


ooo, yes, metal slug, thanks for that one. I loved metal slug, and i played a lot of them on my psp when i still had it. of course, all the neogeo games ran on an arcade stick. will look into ikaruga, puzzle fighter, tmnt. From what I recall of the demo, it did not need a right stick. I could be wrong though.