Good Gaming/Computer Chair?


So, what would you guys advise when it comes to buying a gaming/computer chair? Ive seen alot of crappy chairs that break in about a years time for a fellow my size. Im a heavy set dude, 6’ 2" tall and 310lbs, so a cheap-o chair wont do.

The chairs at my local staples look like crap, straight plastic. Any help?


Here you go.


I’m 6’2 as well and 245 or so, this chair is GDLK, got it at best buy.

It has rollerblade wheels instead of plastic shit wheels, so I imagine you could take it on the road… don’t sue me if you kill yourself.


@Robokit thats almost college tuition for me right there -_-


Sweet, this is perfect…except it doesnt seem to be available


anyone else got a good one?


believe it or not, staples actually has some decent executive chairs. i have a manager’s chair cuz i was strapped for cash at the time, but otherwise i totally would’ve gotten an executive chair. get leather cuz fabric chairs wear out more quickly.


floor or just a hard chair. Train your ass for tournaments.


Holy shit, $800+ for a chair? :confused:

I might check out that gaming chair though, looks comfy and it’s not too expensive.