Good good is an average AE player at Evo?

Title is supposed to be: How good is an average AE player at Evo?

I had posted this a different forum, but I see there is a forum just for Evo so it would probably be more appropriate here. Sorry for double posting.

I have a question for those of you that sometimes go to large tournaments like Evo. What would you say is the average AE player that attends these tournaments based on pp? This would be someone who might typically win 2 matches and lose 2 matches to get eliminated. I understand that playing online isn’t exactly the same as playing in person due to lag, but it seems to roughly translate. For example, I’ve seen very good players like Marn or Mike Ross play online and as expected, they win most of their online matches. I’ve heard it mentioned that most of the players that actually attend these tournaments are not very good, but it was stated by someone who is national/world class level so I am not sure exactly what that means. So what kind of player is a typical “average” player at one of these tournaments? Would it be someone with 1000pp or would it be someone with 2000 or 3000 pp or something in between? I understand there are world class players there and maybe that even noobs might enter. But what is the average player (someone who might place 750th out of 1500 players).

I am looking for responses from people who have actually attended and played in very large tournaments like Evo (no thanks if you are just guessing).

Online points do not matter when it comes to offline tournaments…

dude…just go to the fucking tournament…dont worry about “average player this and where i place and blah blah blah”

the point of tournaments (in relation to gameplay) is to see where YOU stand…its to test YOURSELF…stop worrying about PP and BP and test yourself to see how good you really are…and again…its just a tournament…you will lose to 2 players…but hopefully at the end you understand why you lost to them and how you can improve.

going to evo is prob the best fighting game related investment you can and will make

What I said in the other post.

To actually answer your question, instead of giving you the average “Go2Tournament” responses like you really should have expected, I’ll give the following (guessed) statistics.

<5% are under 500pp
55% are around 1000pp
20% are around 1500pp
10% are around 2000pp
5% are around 2500pp
3% are around 3000pp
<2% are above 3000pp

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but in a 1500 man tournament, don’t you need to win one match to place in a tie for 750th?

Thanks. You are the first person that actually answered the question I asked. I really don’t know why all the other responders make assumptions that I want to go to play in a tournament, have some life-long desire to test myself as if I was Ryu, that I am asking for advice about improving, make the question a lot more complicated than it is, or just answer a question I never asked.

When I watch streams, I know they are putting mainly matches between very good players on stream since they are the most skillful and entertaining. I always wondered though if the vast majority of matches were extremely one-sided and filled with low-skilled mashers and people who can’t even do Ryu’s dp FADC ultra combo. It sounds like based on your response, they are.

Anyways, your answer surprises me. Someone else had responded to me in a different forum and he said he was a 3000-3500 pp player and in the large tournaments he has gone, the competition is really tough with Viper super jump cancel combos being common and the scrub who mashes out DP out of panic being rare. Based on his answer, I expected most of the players to be 3000+.

Yeah, honestly, something that you need to expect out of a major is that the majority of people there are just average. If you can read your opponent often, you’re probably better than half of the people there.

But really though, online points only give you an extremely slight idea of how good someone is. Obviously a better player will have more points, but you have people like BLACKxHAWKxDOWN who is one of the most infamous mashers/flowcharters out there, and he has more points than some of the top players.

EDIT: also, I find that 1000pp players have a good idea of what they’re doing, but they can’t adapt to anything their opponent does. I can speak from experience as I am a 1000pp player myself. And I really don’t doubt that most tournament matches are one sided.

EDIT2: And even then, if you go to tournaments, don’t live and die by how many points they have, because different locations draw different kinds of skill levels. For example, a Wisconsin tournament won’t draw near the skill level as a NY or Nor/Socal tournament would.

let’s say you’re an okay player.

20% you win your first match cause the dude didn’t show up.
45% you play someone who isn’t really good, but they can still beat you.
25% you play someone who’s slightly better than you, but you have a chance of winning.
10% you play someone who you have a 0% chance of winning and will own your ass.

[LEFT]Average player skill at evo is pretty low.[/LEFT]