Good Grief! Help Here Please! SFIV!


I unlocked all the characters except for Seth, and the other two guys.

To unlock the first two you have to complete Arcade and have at least 2 Perfects and 2 Ultra Finishing Moves.

I did it on Easiest (to save time) and then I did it on (Medium).



You didn’t defeat shen long.



for the god sake, go to the damn SFIV section


First, start off by picking the right forum. The top one, that says SFIV and has about 500 people in it… Only then can Gouken be unlocked…


I posted in the FIGHTING GAME DISCUSSION for a reason fella. Don’t like it? Then go back to your nursery and play.


kill yo’self.


This is how you’re thinking: Oh, I want to discuss SF4. Well, there is a SF4 forum, but I’ll just post it in FGD since it is a fighting game after all.

Why would you do this? Read the damn rules you ignoramus. If you don’t read the rules first, you don’t belong here. For fuck’s sake. You have a good 10 seconds to skim through them first. You could actually READ them while waiting. Ban IMO.


i swear, this kids are more stupid with the years :coffee:


Its not a good idea to come to our forum(SRK) and give everyone attitude. You have to follow the rules just like everyone else.
This belongs in the Street Fighter 4 forum. And btw, it has been answered there many times.


I have lost all faith in mankind.


:rofl::rofl: He said nursery.



I feel sorry for your Mother




I used to wonder why us newcomers were looked down upon so much… the answer becomes clearer with every passing day.

I’m ashamed for the sake of all newcomers.


This shit is unbelievable. This fool here SEES the SFIV boards, goes in there, and still posts in the wrong area knowing all the while it’s the wrong area.

And then he gives SRK attitude because he’s being stupid. How the hell does that even work?

People wonder why new members get the hate…

You can’t naturally be THAT damn stupid.


looks at profile

Good god, your 31?! Act your age!


(evil laughs)

Foolish young flesh creature!! (evil laughs)


My first neg as a premium. I’m pretty damn laid back too. Seriously, it’s no wonder people consider 09 a plague.

Fucking lurk moar imo.


party’s over