Good HDMI cable for PS3?

I will be purchasing a 1080p tv and a ps3 soon. I’m looking into getting an HDMI cable for PS3. I’ve seen them from $8 to $150. Does the extra money make a difference? Could someone recommend a good cable?


Just get a cheap one off Newegg. I got one from there for five bucks (ten with shipping) and it works nicely.

No. It’s a digital signal so, it doesn’t matter unless your PS3 is a football field away from your monitor.

Watch this from

The more expensive ones like Monster cables have gold-plated blablabla and special cable insulation blablabla. The cheapest ones will look the same as the most expensive. They want you to believe there is a difference but there really isn’t.

Its a digital signal so it pretty much works or it doesn’t. has some awesome deals on HDMI cables, as well as just about any other video/audio cable that you could think of. Their shipping is also cheap and pretty fast.

Heres a 6ft. HDMI cable for under $5

thanks, i’ll get the $10 cable