Good idea for a drinking tournament 151 and everclear FTW

Not sure about the game, but the rules are:
Any time you win you have to take a shot of 151. before the finals you must take a shot of everclear. if you pass out at any time during the tournament you automatically lose. This is obviously not going to be at evo but in a hotel room. Anyone down? The stuff you think about when you get high.

Or I could just have a straight up drinking tournament held over 3 nights.

You can light your farts after drinking this shit.

I had that with Sanford and them at ecc. I’ll never touch that DEATH drink again! Had people crying! You should’ve seen Chunksta lol!

Im Fucking Down!!!


Whoever does this at evo east has to buy graves, we don’t have everclear around these parts.

Lots of people will not be able to stay awake if it is over a 8 man tourney.

im down for it in the evo east one…i play better drunk sometimes!

You people could do it at evo east if you want. This is at evo vegas.
CVS2 friday night?
MVC2 Saturday Night?