Good intro game to the fighter genre?


I’m somewhat new to fighting games, more accurately I am new to playing them in a serious manner. I’ve never been too great at any fighting game except Tekken: Dark Resurrection(psp lol) and a few Mortal Kombats. What game would be a nice intro? I’m ordering Super Street Fighter IV and with it I would like to order another game that would serve as a good introduction to the genre. I saw the thread on Blazblue, I am considering it but would a older/more classic game be better?

I appreciate any feedback.

tl;dr I would like a game that serves as a good intro to playing fighting games competitively.


I just picked up FGs again last year after a LONG break, and I picked up SSF4 and BBCS to get back into the scene (T6 too but that’s not exactly relevant). I have to say that the two go very well together as they emphasize different things and are paced very differently.

However, zoning feels very different between the two games because of how much more air-heavy BB is.

I recommend getting both, start with the BBCS tutorial mode as that is GREAT for new players. Then take your time feeling out both and eventually choose one. They’re too different to try and become proficient at both at once.

One thing I’d say is VERY important is spend a lot of time focusing on your execution. Because of input leniency in SSF4 I had trouble coming to BB execution-wise, and BB is pretty damn lenient itself. It took a solid month or two before I tightened up my execution to a point I was satisfied with.

I’m still far from proficient at either game and I’m picking up MvC3 on launch day, I’ll never be very good at any one FG :stuck_out_tongue:


Stick with Tekken imo. You already have some experience in DR, T6 is like $20, and you could probably find someone over on Zaibatsu who is willing to help you get better if you show you’re really willing to learn.

Players with solid backgrounds in Tekken (or ST, or MvC2) seem to be able to carry that experience very well into any other game.


I’d stick with 1 game that has a lot of players like marvel3 or sf4


Tekken 6, is a good start, I am pretty decent on Tekken 6,#1 Jack-6 on XBL. I could learn you some stuff if you want.


this is my first actual fighting game and i think it is a great starter