Good Investment?

k so im pretty damn tempted to order the HRAP VX SA, and was wondering if it was worth it…
like how to does it compare to the TE stick, and the life span of the stick

any feed back is appreciated, wanna order very soon -_-


The VX-SA is almost the same as the TE. The parts are all Sanwa, just like the TE. The design and PCB are both a little different, but Hori PCBs don’t have the random trigger or dying issues reported like the TEs do. Life span will be long, Sanwa parts are designed to sit in arcades and played on for long periods of time every day, so for a home stick not seeing as much use, it can last years.

Gold teeth are a better investment. J/K

If you are looking for less PCB issues I would suggest a Hori RAP in general. It is also lighter in weight which may be a plus or minus depending on what you prefer.

If customization with artwork and solder less dual mods is your thing then an Xbox 360 TE-S is the way to go, but there is a chance that your PCB might just malfunction for no reason. TE-S is less likely.

out of default people tend to buy TE’s more than the VX-SA… seems that madcatz was able to also have these available at retail stores which I have yet to see a VX-SA at my local Frys or Best Buy… I have to say tho loke the others it is personal preferance as to what you want since they are parts wise the same… You see more pcb issues with TE’s since more people own then as to the Hori counterpart… I have never had problems with my 3 TE’s that I have and the oldest one is being used by my 6 yr old son… I do like the way the VX-SA looks tho… either way you go both are a good purchase.

Terrible investment; you’ll almost definitely sell it for much less than the purchase price, especially if you use it.

Decent stick though!

Don’t invest in the stick market, invest in the stock market.

Wait for the madcatz sale next wek and then decide.

I personally prefer my VX to my TE. The cable compartment has a lot more room in it (Normally, I take about 8 inches off of my TEs USB cables so I dont have to worry about the door flexing and breaking, that cable fits a bit too snug).
Its a bit wider, so if you’re a floor player that may be a turn off. The only other real “complaint” i’ve heard from people is that the start button is on the face of the controller. To be honest, I’ve only ever accidentally activated it once- and that was me being stupid and mashing for some health in Arcana.

its not really a investment neither stick is but if you asking if the hori v3 sa is worth buying yes !! thing is for the te you can get them here or local regularly

nucking futs! picked some up in texas b4 if i remember correctly

I am interested in the 360 version of the VX-SA. They seem like nice sticks. Question, Do the VX and VLX use the same PCB, which would make it possible to dual mod it with VLXkitty?