Good Joystick w/ octagonal gate

Hello, I’m looking for a good joystick. I have a Tekken 5 Hori which I like a lot and have been using it for awhile now. But, I would like to get a better stick with an octagonal gate. I was thinking about building my own, but I have no soldering skills and don’t want to mess it up so thats out of the question now. Anyone have any recommendations on where I could get a good stick, also I don’t really want to have to wait months to get it. Thanks.

Why don’t u just order an octigate for ur tekken 5 stick, then just replace it with the stock one. That’s what I did with my hrap 2. Can u build an arcade box? I need the box. I have no building skills, but I sure can solder lol. We should trade, u send me an arcade box that u build and ill send u a wired ps1 h series pcb with labeled wires, quick disconects, ready to go. Lmao

Ps: go to to order an octigate, they should be processing orders today I think. They only ship once every 2 weeks or so.

I guess you don’t want a custom then… Get a HRAP or check trading outlet to see if anyone is selling a stick. Octagonal gate isn’t that great.

If that’s ur personal preference then that’s fine. There are lots of plp that prefer square gates over octigon, this guy seems to be feed up with the square gate. I like octigates better, imo the difference between a square gate and an octigate is the difference between a flat chested girl compared to a girls with some double d’s lolcano

You did that with your HRAP that comes with a Sanwa JLF. His T5 stick does not…I don’t think the Sanwa octagonal gate still fits it

Oops didn’t know that, I’m not familiar with the tekken stick. I figured since its made by hori then they might use the same components, therefore the octigate might fit it. If they don’t then it probly won’t work. You can order a custom stick from mass, they’ll pop in a perfect 360 (optical) stick in it, which imo is better than an octigate.