Good juggy combos



I find its good when you use mostly jab when initiating in combos with juggernaut instead of the usual fierce. Then if they block this jab jab technique then quick light juggernaut punch afterwards usually catches people off guard, and if your in the corner you can do a ducking light kick and then immeditatly followed by a headcrush (after landing successful juggy punch). IF your good and are fighting a large character such as juggernaut, sentinel, or blackheart, you can repeat it after the headcrush is finished…just light kick while ducking and then another headcrush. Good luck!


Soooooooooooo…what part of that post was a combo???


Sorry about your reading comprehension. Try reading again, 6 times again and let me know what you think.


You have to be good to do a double headcrush?
Geez, I must be Justin Wong then.


obviously this thread started out on the wrong foot, but maybe it can still be saved so…i just started using jugg(ground)/magz(capture)/psy(AAA) just so i could practice using juggs on point so stuff like lp+psy,hp,(psy),fp jugg punch (juggle not otg) i’ve found really helpful to get ppl in cornered even just comboing this off of a random hit psy assist and w/ mags i use in the corner
lp,hp,(assist),jab jp,(assist hits),jab jp,c. lk, f+fp_hc when you’re not glitched ending w/ hc does 121dmg when glitched ending w/ f+fp does 121dmg what else i do w/ this team?


Juggs has so many variations of combos he can do in the corner that does massive damage. Not to mention the reset throws he can do. I don’t feel like explaining any at the moment cause I did it several times before in some other threads. Basically, Juggs + Corner = Death.


Hmmm, a good team-up is Juggernaut along with Sentinel as a ground assist. If you can get somebody trapped in the corner with Juggy, call out the Sentinel assist at your own risk to add some heat to the assault you’re already doing with Juggy. For me, that involves constantly jumping in over and over while pressing fierce punch. You can mix that up a little with some weak low kicks to see if you can catch your opponent off guard. How it usually works for me is the person blocks low while Juggernaut is on the ground and Sentinel’s ground assist is being blocked. Then when I jump in the air and come down, I use a fierce punch which counts as a first hit, then another fierce punch that makes a 2-hit combo. Then a weak punch version of the Juggernaut punch immediately after the second fierce punch makes it a 3-hit. Now, because you’re already in the corner, your opponent’s body has nowhere to fly, in effect it just hits the side of the screen right there and lands neatly in front of you. Here’s where the real fun begins!:evil: Just do a crouching weak kick and it’s like an “off the ground” so to speak and the combo goes to 4-hits, then if you have a special then use it. I haven’t played in a while, but if you do this against a Cable, then it’s insta-death when you have a glitched Juggy. However, if you don’t have a special built up (but you should accounting for all the swinging you’ll do along with the Sentinel assist), instead of doing a HeadCrush after that crouching weak kick, just press forward on the directional pad and fierce punch and you can get an extra hit, totaling for 5-hits. It doesn’t seem like much, but when it comes to Juggs, it doesn’t take big number combos to do damage. With the Headcrush it’s an 8-hit combo, but if by chance you can mash the maximum of 8-hits for the HC, then it’ll end up being a 12-hit, which is death for almost all characters. If I made a miscalculation anywhere, forgive me, I haven’t had a chance to get to the arcade in months.:bluu:


Hello all, does anyone by chance know any 100% combos or infinites with Juggernaut. I love to use him in casual play, but I usually am just doing regular 3 hit combos into head crush into juggy punch back into another head crush. Would someone please help me to deversify my Juggernaut? Thanks for the help and much luv!



After any sort of corner hit (f+HP throw, jugpunch) you can do, c.hp /\ j.lp, j.lp, j.hp and it does almost as much as a xx headcrush but without using a bar. You can also fit in a snapback here.

Most of my ground combos involve lp + assist, hp xx lp jugpunch.