Good Ken players?

I’m looking to learn Ken, so I was wondering who’s vids I should watch. Thanks.

IMO Deshiken is the best Ken to learn from but if you’re starting out you may want to take some of the things he does with a grain of salt because he sometimes does things that require extremely advanced execution that are usually not worth learning for starting out players.

Others to watch include SpellmasterJ, Hirai, Mokomokofu, Matsuken, and Mymoza.

Personally I would advise beginners to stay away from Umehara’s style as it is extremely unorthodox and only he seems to win with it. He is definately one of the best Kens ever but he plays quite diferently from just about everyone else (Doing lots of psychic shit and low forward shippu hit confirms) and he seems to win with his deep understanding of the mental game rather than with extreme skill and convention.

u can watch mine LOL…good for beginners

Awesome videos; we have similar playing styles but your low parry timing is better then mine.

Chill out on the wakeup/anti-air Shoryukens. Also tell your friend to stop doing with Akuma, it sucks and is pointless.

Kyo your execution is great. I’d comment on your parrying but I don’t know how well you know the guy you were playing against, but from what I saw it was pretty impressive.

That akuma needs alot of work though.

BTW Duy Nguyen do you post on the naru fan forums?

Why yes I do…hello.

When your opponent dive kicks in EVERY FUCKING JUMP IN theres no reason not to AA srk everytime.

Don’t watch those videos. Watching someone beat up someone else who has no idea what they are doing isn’t going to teach you anything.

^I am aware that he went for a lot of dive kicks, but there are times he didn’t. I’m just saying to not build that habit of AAing everything useing a Shoryu, or it’ll lead to some major problems in the future when you do fight someone knows what they’re doing.

Don’t watch those videos if you’re going to learn ken.

I didn’t mean to come off like I was yelling at you. Was just really disgusted with that video. Besides his air fireballs, the only times he didn’t go for a dive kick where when he messed it up and did instead.

I guess I’ll hop on the bandwagon:

It’s me vs DooM from a year ago, neither of us plays today like we did in the vid though.

DIAGO!!! lol jk

Keeper is best ken imo =] find him on you tube

SIMPLY_HUGO plays a mad ken

Co sign.

Also, Ed Ma has a very odd but productive style.

IMO SpellmasterJ and Daigo are the best. They are certainly the most fun to watch anyway (especially when SpellmasterJ takes his shirt off :swoon:). I really like Daigo’s style, and I’ve tried to model my play after him (it’s tough because I’m not telepathic), but yeah. :slight_smile:

Keeper and Daigo are for sure the top Japanese Ken players but the FFA guys have really good Kens too. Yi Wang(5 Star) and Ed Ma. Although Ed Ma does a lot of fierce shoryuken’s he seems to catch a lot of people because it’s so unusual.

Ryan hart is the best ken player i have seen in a long time.

Deshiken Is the best ken player…all the ones you listed suck

Him beating a whole team.

Him kicking keepers ass

You haven’t seen good Ken players I guess:P