Good LED/LCD TVs for classic consoles?


I recently bought a CRT again to play my old PS1, N64, and SNES. However, I have sensitive ears now and the ringing gives me a migraine after about 10 minutes at best.

I know newer TVs aren’t good for old consoles and the colors won’t be as nice, but it’s my only choice. Are there any good LED/LCDs with minimal lag for old consoles? The one I have now is almost unbearable with anything besides turn-based RPGs.

EDIT: Also, I have an S-Video cable for them, so it would be preferable if the TV had that input.


You may want to just run an upscaler setup. There’s the Frame Meister which is amazing but also like $500, then there’s CHINESE UPSCALER aka Gonbes/GBS-bunchofnumbers that works decently but the video output isn’t amazing and it has a bit of lag (I think I read ~2-3f here or on shmups? don’t remember the number). There’s also the XRGB series by the makers of the Frame Meister (Micomsoft) but the Frame Meister is the newest iteration of SRGB devices and is really the bee’s knees. You’ll need new cables for such a setup as well, since these use RGB.

If you’re not willing to do this then it’s luck of the draw if a TV 1) supports the non-interlaced “240p” resolution that old games use (with the scanlines and all that) 2) doesn’t lag a lot (or enough for you to care) 3) makes the image look OK to you (you can disable filters but even being able to do that, fact is not all scalers are created equal, most of the time they’re tuned so that someone hooking up his DVD player to his 1080p TV via composite doesn’t freak out about his HDTV looking like shit).

Other than that just emulate them and use USB converters to make it feel authentic. It’ll look miles better than your S-video cables with its inherent chroma subsampling anyway.

Personally, I’m a diehard retrogamer so I keep a 25" RGB CRT around for anything I don’t want hooked up to a HDTV. I have tinnitus anyway so hearing the flyback whine really doesn’t matter to me, if it’s totally silent I just hear my ears ringing and if there’s some noise going on I don’t hear my tinnitus or the flyback.


I have a thread on this over here:

Unless you are willing to drop loads of cash on the above, get a TV that does well with older source material from the start. Take consoles and your svideo cables to the store. Ask them to hook it all up to demo TVs. So few people care about this subject that finding solid info is hard.

My HDTV rings much worse than a CRT when initially turned on. It may be a fluke.