Good Luck Stein!

I know this is too late but good luck Stein for your fight today at barfights!


I watched it, i really hate blanka, like beyond hate…but wow did i feel bad for the blanka player in that fight…just got walked down, not even rushed…

Thanks for the support guys :wink:

Didn’t manage to get online during the weekend to wish you luck but looks like you didn’t need it! <3

stein was awesome combo on trade and counterhit stand fierce was boss. but then he would randomly jump at poor blanka playing 9-1 matchup at the finale… lol at him trying to escape the corner with rainbow ball…

DENIED. stand fierce punish.

stein at one point you jumped jab. >:( ?? what was that about. also you didnt go for meaty crlp os crhp. it would beat everything rainbow ball will be stuffed and he will bounce to the corner. and if he upball its punishable on hit.

and actually i like that you punished super with air throw. alot of times i would mess up that punish vs blanka u1/super. also when he used U1. at that spacing i was like dude DOUBLE BACK DASH ULTRA. FTW. -_-

also did you use ex spin knuckle on that 50/50 setup?? i saw yellow flash but you still got hit wth

good job stein <3


I wannna seee!

the jump jab was supposed to be an air throw. I remember looking at that going… lol wtf? I didn’t really care, I wasn’t being punished too bad for any mistakes.

With the air throw after super, I was trying to think what I should do to punish the super. I realized I never really practiced punishing super and couldn’t remember if it had a ton of recovery or what. Air throw you just hold up forward and mash throw.

The ex move on that 50/50 was ex cannon spike. I figured I’d just get an auto correct spike and call it a day. Viscant was surprised that ex spike went the wrong way as well.