Good Magneto Teams

You’re retarded…

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Ace is :evil:, only adding insult to injury by taunting while reseting to death :lol:. Too good.

Reset: Try Magneto | Iron Man | Rogue man, it’s too good. Whenever you land Rogue’s assist, it’s a free IM infinite, no matter which one of them is on point. Only bad part is that a lot of people (at least at higher level play) WILL NEVER get caught by Rogue’s assist.

raxe: I’m almost positive Demon Hyo doesn’t play IM seriously anymore.

Anyways, solid Magneto teams, that don’t require a retarded-ly high level Magneto (which all of the teams taiji posted need, since most players don’t know how utilize weird assists), are:

  • Magneto/Psylocke <A> - Play to reset and un-mashable tempest.
  • Magneto/IM <B> - Personally, I play to reset. But I’m retardrd, and most people jus’ go for the un-mashable Tempest and/or DHC into PC.
  • Magneto/Tron <Y> - Play to reset
  • Magneto/Doom <B> - Un-mashable tempest
  • Magneto/Sentinel <A> or <Y> - <A> for “All Hard Combo” into mixup of choice, <Y> for un-mashable tempest.
  • Magneto/Rogue <Y> - Ok, you’re probably best off goin’ for “combo into it” since the throw automatically resets anyways. Then jus’ go into anything really. But throwing it out and letting people run into it is a free combo :evil: :D.
    ***NOTE: Landing the kiss on Storm results in some weird shit. If you try to dash-backwards (which is where you’re usually gonna end up goin’), you block.
  • Magneto/Cyclops <B> - Combo into it, then either go for ROM infinite or into “All Hards combo” into mix-up of choice.

Of course, these are all “basic” ways to play these teams. You’re better off experimenting w/ what you like and go from there. Use you’re imagination.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

P.S. Team Combo Fiend sucks w/ RP assist, drones all the way!

What about Magneto,Storm,Psylocke(A,A,A),Magneto,Storm, Sentinel(A,Y,Y)Magneto,Cable,psylocke(A,B,A) or Magneto,Ironman/War machine(for the infinite),Psylocke(A,B,A).Give them a try, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results.:slight_smile: