Good media players

I need a good media player to play music/vids. What do you guys use and recommend?

Use separate players for music and videos. VLC/Pure Codec Player for videos and Winamp for music or whatever works for you.

Combined Community Codec Pack and Media Player Classic for vids
Winamp for music

I like VLC and Media Player Classic. There’s also the K-Lite codec packs.

I use kmplayer for video
and Foobar2000 for music, they are both very powerful and have lots of functions

I use Media Player Classic coupled with FFDShow to handle all the various codecs.

I watch a lot of DVDs that have interlaced video and FFDShow has some amazing deinterlacing abilities.

If you don’t want to fool with a lot of settings, I suggest VLC. It usually plays anything without too much fiddling.

GOM player for videos, and Foobar 2000 for my music


I’ve had too many compatability issues with ffdshow to keep those bloody things installed.



VLC is an amazing movie player.
I generally listen to music through my 360 and my sound system so the only music player on my windows system is WMP11. I use Amarok on my Linux boxes. I’ve yet to find a decent light weight music player.

foobar2000 for music

media player classic or VLC for video