Good Mid-Tier Teams


I enjoy using mid-tier characters, and I wanna know if you guys could suggest some good teams and strats. Currently, I use Ken - AAA/Gambit - Proj./Bison - Variety (is that what b is?)

It’s pretty good. For Ken, I call assists often. I use Bison’s assist and rush, then if I get any hits I call Gambit. If Gambit’s assist connects, I usually use a launcher and air combo ending with Hurricane Kick. Rinse and repeat. My Gambit is pretty good with Bison’s assist if I’m offensive, and Ken’s if I’m getting rushed. My Bison’s the worst, but I’m not a bad Bison. Stringing Psycho Crushers in the air helps against guys like Sent.

Anyway, could you guys help me out with more mid-tier teams? And some strats for them? I recently started playing Omega-AAA/Ruby-AAA/Doom-AAA, and it’s not bad. Thanks.


Team World Warrior (Sim/Guile/Gief) is the only low tier team you need.


Wolverine/Gambit/Bonerine is a really good team (watch some joe zaza vids O_o they’re crazy). In short, you can rush down w/ wolvie as long as u can using both assists and if wolvie gets hurt pretty bad, you can DHC to gambit, then to bonerine for some really nice dmg. You can also lock em down w/ any wolverine along with the gambit assist (just as long as they dont pushblock, so it means you prolly wont be locking em down for very long)


I’ve been looking for zaza vids for a LONG time. Can’t find any, though. I wanted to try that team out, but 2/3 of that team take damage like babies. I play a good Wolvie, but… Yeah, maybe I’ll start practicing it. I’d like some other teams and strats, though, so keep em coming.


I like to play Felicia (var)/Tron Bonne (proj)/Sentinel (grnd). Since Sent is Top Tier, though, if you want a mid-tier equivalent, try Gambit (proj). Learning to effectively incorporate Gambit Projectile into a rushdown team will probably take a while, but he can be very tricky and deadly once you learn it. Gambit doesn’t stay on screen long, requires little cover, his cards act like a beam and are invisible, and they pin the opponent momentarily when they hit. Also, Felicia is a highly underestimated Second Tier character. She has a good rushdown game and can get some insane damage off of Tron Bonne, including being able to combo into her Please Help Me! super off Tron. 1234+Tron -> PHM! does 50% damage to Hulk. Her Hyper Sand Splash super has damn near instant start-up, and you can even punish Mags after a blocked with it. Try to grab with her fp throw and mash like mad, it’ll build a lot of meter in a hurry. Just remember, Felicia is great at controlling the ground, but her aerial abilities are severely lacking.


**Any point character with good ground offense+useful assist{cammy(aaa), morrigan(AAA),bison(space control)megaman(easymode),} and any point char with a good aaa/ground assist/dhc (guile,charlie,ruby,megaman/rogue) and then then cheeze,

use tron proj

it seriously gives all low tier teams touch of death*which is what they need if they can even HOPE to compete

morrigan combo’s into tron soooo well it’s sick

morrigan :, wait, dhc rogue super is easy 90-95%

rogue with tron is real cheapo as pat proved at evo

anyways, i just use a random team idea and see what dhc’s and stuff i can come up with using tron assist.



Morrigan (doesn’t matter) Sakura (dash) Cammy (AA)

RAWR :evil:


Morrigan should be on AA

plenty of em here :slight_smile:


Well, problem is, I can only get the audio part of those. The vids don’t show.


Rogue/IM Proj./Cyke AA or Tron Proj. is a very good team and can actually win versus top tier team quite efficiently.:stuck_out_tongue:


Cyke and IM are already in the lower Top Tier bracket. That isn’t a mid-tier team.


A semi-mid tier team (I know, Dooms top)

Ruby Heart/Guile/Doom

A true mid tier team



As always I’m gonna be here promoting my Big Boys.

Any combination of the following characters is always fun

Hulk, Juggy, Collossus, Zangief, and Sentinel (but he’s top tier)

Hulk should always be on Dash assist…ground if you know how to pressure properly

Juggy is ALWAYS on dash assist

Collosus…Dash nulifies Doom…AA stops Rushdown cold

Gief…Throw or Air Throw




I’ve finally found someone on SRK to call a brother :lol: I always have Juggernaut start things off, so I can glitch him then I usually wait to build up two specials so I can switch him out safely with Sentinel’s special. My team consist of Juggernaut/Sentinel/Jin in that order. Jin’s expansion type assist does wonders and if you catch a person with it while you have Juggz out, Jin can set you up for a 8-hit headcrush, because when you catch the opponent with the headcrush while they are in the air it seems easier to rack up the hits. I also throw together a half-assed version of a trap with Juggy constantly jumping in the air swinging, while Sentinel gives the ground assist. It works pretty good as SRK member TondaShocka and CrouchingTiger can attest :smiley:


Well my friend then you belong in here



I like Gief on Ground assist. If you start him and wait for a good opportunity to go Iron then either tag or DHC him out, his Ground assist is a rushdown killer! Even if you never get to change him to Iron, as long as you can get him out safely or just don’t start him, his Ground assist can lead to some really good comboes.


My best team is Colossus/Hulk/Juggs.

One of my favorite teams and my 2nd best team I like to use is Amingo/Anakaris/Juggs. Over the years it has become known as team WTF since thats the general expression I get when I use them in a tournament.

Also my 3rd best team is Ryu/Akuma/Sakura.


Haha cool team I got 1 similiar to that which is Ryu/Ken/Guile. Really good team not sayin’ yours is bad but you got like 3 of the best SF2 characters all in one team. Besides its a fun and easy team to use if ya SF2 veteran ya know and everytime I’ve used I’ve won, not to be a showoff just sayin’ this team is definetly affective.


team dash:

team rape:


i’m an extremely good capcom and jill player. so my lower tier teams consist of them a lot. my felicia is nasty too:)