Good Monitor/TV for gaming w/out HDMI?


So, i’ve got an older Xbox 360, without an HDMI port. I was wanting to get a nice monitor or small TV to use, but I know some have lag.

I was looking at the same Asus monitor Evo had, but I’m mostly sure there’s no Xbox -> DVI adapter for that.

Any other worthwhile TVs or monitors you guys know of? Or is there a better solution for me regarding video input?

The previously mentioned Asus monitor is this one:

Edit: Apparently I can get free cable here, perhaps a small TV would be better.


you could always get a vga cable for the 360 to play on a monitor. the official one is a bit expensive but maybe monoprice or something has a cheaper version that works just as well. definitely should look into it because finding lag free tvs is a bitch.


Just get the 360 VGA cable. I used to have a 360 without HDMI (before it RROD’d on me) and that’s what I used.


DON’T GET THE MONOPRICE xbox 360 vga cable!!!

I got 2 of them and rarely did it ever sync correctly on some monitors, and on others, I would always have a blue line on the right side of my screen with the image shifted to the left.

As soon as I picked up the official MS VGA cables, it worked on EVERYTHING that the monoprice cable didn’t work on.

Word of advice; SKIP the cheaper cable. Buy the official cable on ebay or search froogle for it.


Definitely get a TV/Monitor with HDMI though. It’s better to have the option to use it if you ever get another console (or your xbox rrods).


You can get a used 360 VGA cable at Gamestop for 10 bucks if you want to go that route.


The 26" version of the Asus has a bunch of inputs, including component.