"Good Morning, Mister Masters"




this is already under comical in media, but kens must see it.


This is my theam song.but its old and didn’t need its own thread.


nooo one of my heros hatin
too many people haven’t seen this lol

edit: and yeah i know it’s old, but i think that’s why ppl haven’t seen it


that the first time ive seen it and that is a work of art!!!


Um, I’m not too sure that this video from Oct 2009 with already 200k+ views deserve its own thread.


I have been lurking the Ken boards since late 09 and I have never seen this video. It’s great, thanks for sharing!


Even if two people saw it for the first time, it was worth it


Seriously, whats the deal with thread nazis on this forum. Almost every thread on this forum has some elitist clown posting this exact same thing. Personally I think the way you have to search 50 pages of a thread to find anything is a really poor way of doing it. If you want to organize in a way to keep stuff together make sub forums in the character forums to categorize.

Btw, this video is so S-Rank it deserves 2 threads.


Cause it’s worse looking through 50 separate threads of the same thing than 50 pages in a single thread. I agree with you there that there needs to be a better way to organize posts but the way it currently is is the only way we’ve got.




Where’d my Evo12 banner go?!