GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY.....Futurama Cancelled Again

what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Sad to hear although I felt the series wasn’t the same after the channel hop.

I already posted this news in the Futurama thread: The Futurama Thread V.1

jesus christ fuck the world :frowning:

ill be praying to the space pope groening and cohen can find this show another channel

Good. There have been good episodes since the movies, but not enough. I’d rather the show be cancelled now instead of getting worse.

The last season was very hit and miss. So, I’m kinda’ glad that it’s not going on and on just because like the Simpsons. A shame we never got a really GOOD series finale.

As long as Archer is still on the air, I’m not too bumped out.

Fuck you with that title, Sovi3t. Also isn’t it “everyone” usually?