Good noob characters that don't require many links?


I’m still fairly bad at getting 1 frame links so I was wondering which characters can be played well without very many links? Thanks.


You could just pick a character you like and as you progress go for the more difficult combos execution wise.


There’s no easy way to play the game. Either you learn it or you dont.


You could try a target combo heavy character like Guy, Ibuki, Dudley to get the hang of button combinations and timing. Their target combos are rewarding and fairly easy to use but they aren’t “win” buttons, but as other people have said and as you’ve asked…if you want to play well, you need to decide what well means. For many people who take this stuff seriously, you aren’t playing well until you get some of those tough links down AND know when/how to use them. Also, if you only play online, those 1 frame links get harder thanks to layers of lag.


Oh, and Blanka. He’s a good starter character that can grow with your experience and you can do very well without relying on 1 frame links…mainly because I think he’s cheap lol. His potential isn’t as high as other, “harder” characters though.


Grappler character like Hawk, Zief or weird character like Blanka, Dhalsim. None require 1f links (some dont event require links).

Heavy linking chracter that does not rely on 1 frame link, you have Yun, easily.


links arent completely necessary with characters. I know links with characters such as ryu like st. LP, st. LP, cr. Mk, hadoken…etc but they aren’t completely necessary. so i would say ryu is an excellent character. He does well without links and even better without. If you really really hate links go for a grapple character like T-Hawk or Zangief.


As stated in another thread. For the benefit of easier execution you sacrifice tools that a character can use.


Ryu. His sweep links are nice but you don’t need them in low-level play to win. When you get up to mid-level make sure you practice them with your safe jumps. cr.MK->Fireball for nuetral and f.FP or cr. FP->SRK are all you really need until your looking at optimizing stuff.


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