Good Omega Red teams

List some of them…

I’m not a big Omega Red user, but I use Omega Red/ sentinel/ psylocke.
Attack assists with burrows, drones and omega strikes.
Snapback with psylocke, or throw opponent onto drones and snapback.
Hear Omega Red/ Sentinel/ Doom is pretty good too.

No doubt about OR/Sent/Doom. I’ve also been messing around with OR/Sent/Jin, OR/Cable/Sent, OR/Cable/Cyke and more recently OR/Sent/IM…but now I like the sound of OR/Sent/Mags. But I don’t think Mags and OR go well together.

clockw0rks OR team is good it’s OR DOOM Stider (flip strider where doom is…) I think thats one of the best OR teams cuz you can really stall the actuall fighting of the match and build meter then bring strider in… umm and OR and some characters like mag and storm are good

All OR teams should be based on this formula.


So teams that go

OR/Cable,Sent or Storm/Sent or Doom are probably the best kind of teams.

IMHO these are the best OR teams. (all starting OR first)


Personally I go with Or/Storm/Doom, build two meters then when I get the chance O.Destroyer xx Hail. Plus, I’m so much better with Doom than I am with Sentinel…and I’ve just got a customed to his assist.

I’ve also seen a friend of mine use OR/Sent/Cyc, which worked well. Although I think Cyc was more for Sent than OR.

A fun team I use is OR/Magnet/Sent or Psy lock, because burrowing coils and Magneto-A is hella fun. (it works kinda like Sent/Mags… but not :confused: )

Iceman/Hayato/Omega Red

I also use OR/Strider/Doom. Red’s a good battery for Strider, and he does great with Doom’s assist anyway. Call Doom, lk Omega Strike for cross up.

OR/Mag/Doom. Mag will have to do some crazy reset combos.

OR/Sentinel/Doom or OR/any top tier/Doom