Good or Best Fight Stick For PS3 (for SSIV)

thinking about ditching the pad and try using the fight stick. question is…which one would be good to use and easier to work with.

TE Stick

just get a TE

its really up to you… most popular sticks that have little problem and doesnt cost you a whole lot of money would be Real Arcade Pro V3 SA: Video Games
and Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Round 2 Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition: Video Games

its really a choice of style

I think the best deal another SRK member found online for the V3 SA is the NewEgg deal.

$99.99 — same Amazon — but without the crap about shipping. There’s usually a catch to these deals!

NewEgg, however, DOESN’T charge shipping as long as you use 3-day UPS Ground.

It’s a good deal if you live in the continental US!

I’m so used to having amazon prime I forget about shipping… I do the two day free shipping and forget about it till it arrives lol

Get the Hori v3sa. It’s a nice stick.

The TE is equally as nice and has been around longer, so it has a lot more community built around it for modding, but soon enough once more and more people own and mod their v3’s there will be plenty of info on how to mod it. Probably the biggest issue is finding plexiglass for it. Arthong currently doesnt make plexi for it, and hasnt announced if he is going to or not.