Good Partner for Hwoarang?



Anybody have any tips on a good team with hwoarang? I’ve tried out steve but I didn’t really like him and I’ve tried jin but I feel like I couldn’t get a handle on his range. I’m thinking about trying out heihachi due to his mixups and combo potential coming in from a cross rush or tag cancel.


I use Ken with Hwaorang


I use Abel with Hwaorang and fear nothing.


i use Hugo with Hwoarang


Vega/Hwoarang, using Vega’s long range pokes to confirm to launcher, Hwoarang comes in does the damage.


I use Hwoarang/Chun li for now cuz capcom denied me of sakura (DLC WTF!?!?)

using chun li with no synchro with hwoarang whatsoever, just using her so i dont get raped whilst learning hwoarang :stuck_out_tongue: but deffinately need a good poker or a zoner in the team imo due to his lack of some firm normals.


F*ck yeah me too tell me whos better as a main ken or hwoarang?


Hwoarang / Law


Hwoarang/ Lili


I think I like Ken on point. When I use Ken I mess around with spacing for a while throw a hadoken etc. get a launcher and in comes H dawg with a cr.MP xx EX HH, j.HK, Sky Rocket. Also if you land a tatsu you can tag cancel and get a full combo. I keep Ken on point mainly because I tend to use a lot of meter with Hwoarang with EX HH and EX Heel. When you’re using ken, you can special charge the tatsu, and if someone throws a fireball, let it rip for an EX that will go right through it; I still have a hard time dodging fireballs with special step.


Does anyone have any preferences to running him on point or not? I feel he’s versatile enough to do either, really, but not really excel. Currently on point with heihachi coming in to hit big combos and do filthy wakeup mixups.


Sweet, I use Ken/Hwaorang too! :slight_smile:


Well for what it’s worth, the last hit of his H Hunting Hawk (214+RH) hits high, giving you some good mixup potential on blocked tagout situations. At the same time however I feel like his neutral game isn’t stellar, although if anyone wants to prove me wrong I’d certainly welcome it.

Currently running Sagat on point with Hwoa, but I think it’s more about being kind of comfortable with Sagat while I’m still learning Hwoa.


i play hwoarang/hugo i love hugo and think hwoarang is the perfect partner

magic series launcher to hugo 372 dmg
magic series launcher to hwoarang 430 dmg(both no meter)

they both work really well together, both of them can extend combos well and for a use of one meter can do 400+ dmg each time


I actually use Jin with Hwoarang. If it wasn’t for that stupid special step of Jin’s, this team would be a whole lot easier. These two were my favorite characters in Tekken.


I recently started using Hugo with Hwoarang as well (mostly because Hugo is just ridiculous in this game). Hugo does insane damage at least 400 with no meter, his body splash beats out EVERYTHING, off a launcher or even tag canceling the HK HH you can do cr.LP xx LP Clap into Backbreaker or Super (soooo much damage). I feel like it’s kind of a weird team, but maybe that’s why it works. The one downside of Hugo is that you can sometimes have trouble getting in, but if that’s the case I switch to Hwoarang.


well with hugo with his massive damage, is a great anchor. so when hugo is out there at least till hwoarangs health has recovered, till then i try to pressure and deal as much dmg as i can, then i will try to switch out to hwoarang as soon as possible, i believe fast tagging is the key to this game, you gain meter like crazy and you should burn one or two meters a round, giving you a lot of options with hugo and grabs. By the time you switch back to hwoar, if you have full bar, burn it off as fast as you can, if you have hugo with 75% health waiting in the back round after half the round, pretty much, you just have laucnher in hugo and you can do so much dmg(435 no meter, 580+ super) just mass damage

your right is does feel like a wierd team, but you got great footsies and mix ups with hwoarang and one mass destruction with hugo(he can do 517 dmg no meter wtf lol)


Hugo might be better as an anchor, but idk I’ve been running him on point pretty successfully. A lot of times I find I can get it done with just Hugo alone. Getting a body splash, cr.MP xx Clap, cr.MP xx Lariat, cr.LP xx Clap, Backbreaker is 511 damage and it’s 630 with Super. I’ve got a health regen over time gem, a power gem, and a meter building gem on Hugo; I’ve got a meter building gem and 2 power gems on Hwoarang. The pros to having Hugo on point are: he can do tons of damage without using meter, he can take a lot of abuse (esp with that gem), and he’s got a crazy good poke. The obvious con is low mobility. It really kind of depends who I’m fighting…I wish you could change the order right before the match starts or before the 2nd round.


i find when i have him on point people turtle and run away, they play very turtle, thats who his on anchor i have a partner launcher gem so when he comes in i can just attack like mad and gain meter, and if i connect 4 specials (usually his BB combo) he activates another gem that gives more meter gain and Defense, off the match i do a hwoarang BB. and a launcher to hugo, all i have to do with hugo is pressure him for 15 seconds, if i connect with his BB you gain a meter and a half, thats insane, if i have two meters and hes almost dead, i usually launcher to try to kill


I see your point. Right now I’m mixing it up between having him on point and on anchor. I just thought that he did surprisingly well on point. People do sometimes turtle like you said, but I’ve found that just jumping in like crazy sometimes will overcome that. It’s retarded that I can often stuff or at least trade (in my favor) with SRKs :rofl: