Good partners for Dormammu?

Right now my main team is Wesker, Dorm, Trish. I use Wesker to build meter for now until I find someone else I’m good with. Basically once I build some meter I bring out Dorm and use his df+H to lay fire down and Trish’s Peekabo Trap to cover my head. From here I am free to use Dark Portals and his other moves until I get a hit confirm into Chaotic Flame. The only thing that can really get in is some projectiles and Hypers so far or if I get caught in the middle of setting up.

What are some other good assists that leave Dorm open to spam the screen with all his “magical” stuff? Doom’s rocket assist? Hsien’s reflect projectile?

Trish’s peekaboo trap is one of the best assists for Dormammu IMO, the other one I’ve been rocking is haggars lariat… I dont know why I just like it to break up long bouts of pressure ( which happens alot ). I usually lead out Dormammu and build meter with him through keep away and zoning, I’ll have to try wesker out though as the point man because I would like to have the extra meter for his OTG hyper earlier since thats a dirty move.

Hmmmm, I hate trying to find characters I like that mix well together. Wesker most likely doesn’t blend well, but he can keep away with his speed and teleports and rush in quick too. His low shot also works nicely for some OTG combos. I can try out Haggar or a Get Off me assist. I just don’t always leading with Dorm cuz if they start off really aggressive I can’t alway get to a safe spot to start my agrression/defense.

According to the guide, people with projectiles aid him GREATLY, such as Ryu.

Right now i’m thinking you should have someone who can rushdown on your team. DHCing from stalking flare seems to be an awesome way to help a pixy get inside. If you’re using Dorm to build meter as well you’ll probably want someone who can use those meters.

Building off this theory it seems like possible partners are:
Ama- DHC to slow. Seems like it could be really nasty, and ama loves meter.
Dante-Devil trigger should be a safe DHC, and you’ve got flare to cover.
Felicia- Flare + little kitty would be obnoxious as hell.
Mags- If shockwave is still super safe then it might make sense. SO long as it recovers fast enough that flare is still out and about.
Morrigan-Double morrigan + flare seems nasty.
Phoenix- Hit healing shield and go in? I’m not sure if phoenix is viable at all, especially burning 2 meters to get her in, but it might work.
Spiderman- Not sure how it’d work with maximum spider since it’s a canned animation. Ideally this would be a punish DHC setup where they whiff something so you stalking flare to maximum. If it doesn’t kill the flare it might leave some nasty mixup after or allow you to continue the combo.
Storm- Lol chip.
Trish- her harvest scythe thing seems like it’d work for more mixup and more chip.
Wesker- like spider using 2 meters to punish with his teleport super wouldn’t hurt, and it might lead to more dmg/mixup.
Wolvie- Flare+speedup?
X-23- It’s 4 meters but you can probably be a real dick with Flare + invis.
Zero- Flare+double zero might lead to some really nasty rushdown/chip.

Now thati think about it the other way to look at it is flare likely allows non safe DHC’s to become safe, since flare will cover the recovery of something like a blocked proton cannon. Either way i think any team built around dorm should have flare in mind.

Leading with dorm works great if you have hagar with lariat, awesome fuck off button. is anyone else feeling like sentinal is a fucking beast or are his combos just so easy that everyone has them on lock already?

Uh I have been trying a few out Been having some good luck with Trish, Chris, Doom (Hidden Missles, or shield assist), Sentinel :frowning:

As It stands I have dormammu front and center, Sentinel, and Iron Man.

It’s an odd mix, but dormammu’s s. light > cr. medium > cr. d/f heavy loop into (whatever combo) is some seriously brutal corner pressure with sentinels rocket punch and the photon cannon.

My current team is Super Skrull(tenderizer), Doom(Molecular Shield), Dormammu(Purification). I keep Dorm last. I feel Dooms assist works quite well with Dorm and Skrull, and Dorm and Skrulls assists great for Doom.

I have been playing with dante/ironman/dormamuu. Having a character like ironman with a beam assist is too godlike when you have dormamuu and dante jam session can be used as a faster purification for ironman.I like dark hole assist in this team for dormamuu because dante can teleport behind people while they are in blockstun from dormamuu’s dark hole assist.

ive been using Skrull (orbital grudge), She-Hulk (torpedo)/Sentinel (rocket punch)/Taskmaster (whatever the first assist is), Dormammu (dark hole) in that order. only sub out that middle character every few rounds.

not sure if this team works just yet, ive certainly been getting buck with them and won a shitload of offline matches with friends as well as some online player matches…but mostly just with elementary combos as this game is new user friendly and easy as hell to do flashy damaging shit.
i just kinda picked this team cause i liked the way all these characters looked in the videos haha. need to work in the lab with them and see whats what. would really love to work dormammu with spencer or modok…but i dont see that happening just yet.

Ryu(Shoryuken)/Dormammu(Dark Hole)/Sentinel(Sentinel Force) thus far. Ryu is the battery of the game; you can actually put on serious pressure just with Hadokens and Sentinel Force. If you are throwing out Hadoken Ls like you should be, a Hadoken connecting can actually combo into the full Sentinel Force plus two more Hadokens for about 450,000 damage without scaling - pretty nasty. Dormammu can get two Dark Holes in during Sentinel Force, and on accident I have also been able to Sentinel Force -> launch with Ryu -> air magic series -> spike, and they will actually land into the Sentinel Force, which I can then combo off of again.

Ryu is the only iffy character on the team, just because he is so limited. I have played about 80 fights with this team so far.


Still need to work on chris because he is fucking weird, but he’s a good battery. Tron because she’s fun and probably has the 3rd best AA/GTFO move next to haggar’s lariat and and hsien’s DF pendulum. Also working to see if dark hole can be used like doom rocks for her drill pressure, or else try chris’s gun or grenade.

I’ve been using Dormammu ( Purification) Sentinel (Drones) Doom ( Plasma beam), I feel that this team has some really good keep away properties. Black hole + beam assist can keep people at bay from afar, drones + teleport can create at a really good cross up.

LBC try doing Dooms Hidden missles instead of plasma beam.

I tried his missile assist, I was doing good crossing ppl up but once they got in its like GG’s. With plasma assist I can keep them on the ground. But I’ll give it another go :smile:

Trying to build a keepaway team around Dorm on point, this is what I have so far let me know what you guys think I can do to improve it.

Dorm (Liberation)/Storm (Whirlwind)/Taskmaster (Up arrow)

I chose Task in order to have somebody I can swap in if I need to rushdown at any point, as well as to use his up arrow to help lockdown. Would Trish with Peekaboo assist be a better option than either storm or Task (I would assume it’d be an improvement on Task).

Let me know!

I hav been using task as point dorm and sentinal which offers asissts to aid keep away but you need some advanced guarding to get out of pressure with the team.

Sentinel Charge and either Ryuuenjin or Crescent Scythe if Zero or X23. I want a projectile to work vertically and a get off me type of move.

I’ve been playing Dante(jam session) Dorm(black hole) and akuma(fireball) and doing pretty well.