Good partners for mega boy

Hmm, i’m trying to figure out what are some decent partners for vollnutt

I’ve tried viewtiful joe, seems decent, his bombs is a deadly mix up if used right.

Anything else?

Uhhhh. Roll, Karas, Zero come to mind. characters with shoryru assists and stagger assists are generally good for Mega as they give him ample time to pick from his selection of weapons to bestow rape. Shoryu assists set up for Shield Gun shenanigans. Stagger sets up for ANYTHING you could possibly dream of. Projectile assists are good all around.

I am thinking in partner Rock with Casshan… how good that team sound?

Zephil: That’s an interesting thought. Casshan’s various overhead tricks and modest anti-air abilities might help out. I’m sorry I can’t offer more, but I’m only recently starting to learn Rock and my Casshan is terrible.

I’m pursuing a different path and not sure it’s going to work. Namely, I main Frank and am toying with using Rock Volnutt as my second character. The anti-air assist seems nice, as does the ability to spam right back at anyone bent on doing that, and his close-combat abilities aren’t too bad, I suppose. I would love to make this team work, but I get the feeling there is very little synergy between their assists and supers. Any thoughts?

Mega Boy… that name… no, just no.