hello every one, been modding a sticks for a while now but i need some help to find a good pcb for a PS2. could be a controller or just the pcb by its self. just need some info to find a good one to work with. thanks every one.

Try to find a Dual Shock PS1 controller. Those are reportedly the best, especially for converters, if needs be.

nice thanks

How about the Mayflash stick? Its PCB works for PS2, PS3, and PC. Track down one for cheaper and take the PCB out.

Or you could make a post in the trading section, asking if anyone sells Pre-hacked PsOne PCBs. Thats what i did a while back, had a guy there named zombie Capt who hooked me up, and they worked great in my sticks.

as stated above, DualShock 1 controllers/pcbs are the best =) be sure they are the Sony Brand though

for official PS1 pads…

If you look on the bottom of the controller, you’ll see a square filled with model and licensing information that was printed right into the plastic mould. There should be one large capital letter in the center of this with no other associated information explaining its meaning.

  • I think that the “H” series is supposed to be the easiest to padhack but I can’t remember why!

  • The “A” series is the one you need for spiffyshoes’ solderless method.

  • The “M” series is possible but a little more challenging, if I recall correctly.

Somebody please help me out here. Maybe I’m wrong. I can barely remember this stuff.

edit: just ignore my post and look at this page

MC Cthulhu with a PS2 extension cord. XD

I would go with Duckies idea. Only soldering you have to do is the placement of the system cord. You can also make it detachable via RJ45, DB - 9 or some other connector and include more system cables instead of trying to find good PS2 to other systems adapters.

Yeah i was looking @ forms that said that its best to use a MCC or a UPCB, and mod with a RJ-45 or a D-9 for quick console changes with any soldering to the boards themselves. And thanks for the help guys. wish me luck with the, post pics once i have the board and start/in progress/ complete the mod

Back in the day I went through a dozen PS1 DS pads. I didn’t ever know what I was getting until I cracked them open. Too many variations, even with the same lettering. If there’s a real breakdown for this I’d be curious to see it.