Good PCB for PS3?



Planning to mod my HRAP2 for PS3 SF IV use. Any good PS3 pcb to intro?


You can try the solderless Cthulhu board from Toodles.


I second that.


this …
its much easier than hacking a ps3 pad and its cost nearly the same as hacking a controller


+1 for Cthulhu.

Plus it can assign Start+Select to Home.


I always wondered how people pronounced Cthulhu.


thanks man. Will order 2.


I saw a documentary on a Lovecraft Cthulu story once - it’s pronounced (well, they pronounced it) “ka-THU-loo”.


^ Not trying to be an ass, but I think he may have been referencing this page.


I always pronounce it ‘ka-THU-loo’. Right or wrong, that’s just how I hear it in my head.