Good place to buy arcade buttons?

im trying to look for a place to buy sanwa parts for my fightstick so far im looking at is this a good site to buy from like is it safe and do they ship pretty fast?

Seems like as good a time as ever to make my first post. I just ordered buttons and a jlf from them yesterday and it shipped same day. I payed with PayPal, so if you consider PayPal safe, I’d say it’s safe

Yes is a good site i ordered stuff from them recently got it fast as well (ordered 8 buttons no problems at all)

Focus attack is top tier.
Shipping is very fast and they continue to add new products.
Buy with confidence.

Focusattack is the best. Highly recommended.

Another vote for FocusAttack, I’ve actually received orders within 24 hours of shipping. Of course it helps that I’m 3 hours away from them, but none the less they’ve been nothing but fantastic to deal with.

There’s Arcadeshock. I believe they have a promo going on where if you buy 6 or more sanwa buttons, shipping is free.

FocusAttack is also good.

They’re a sponsor to Sticks for Joy, giving us parts as donations to build joysticks for charity, they have my seal of approval.

paradise arcade shop is pretty good as well, i had no problems with them. they ship from hawaii some it may take a bit more, but ill vouch for them.

arcadeshock is OK, i feel like some of their stuff is overpriced a lot of times. their cutomer services is OK, i ordered a few posters from them a while back and never got them, since im military i was getting them shipped home, and i was really busy, i never got them. I actually thought i did, but i came to find out later on i never did.

the cool thing about them is that they give you free stuff in some orders, i dont know if its in all orders, but ive gotten some stuff before.

LIZARDLICK.COM is where I have bought all my stuff

you need to check the lizardlick thread, it’s very different from lizard lick when it started, starting August last year they started getting weird, go check

Ok havent bought anything in a while.