Good place to import fighting sticks from?


So I did a quick search looking for websites that import fighting sticks on the forums and I didn’t see much.
I’m impatient and have saved up enough for the madcatz TE2 ps3/4 stick and I’d really like to get it before mid to late October. I’m currently stuck on a 360 controller and it is driving me up the wall.

Enough about that.

I’m looking for reputable dealers that I can buy the TE2 from. Can anyone recommend some good websites?
Thanks in advance!


I’d say Amazon. Whether a given product can be sent to a location outside the US is on a case-by-case basis. I add a product to the cart and either estimate shipping or go the last step before placing the order to check if there’s a message saying the product can’t be sent to my address.

Suggestion that worked for me: HORI Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro VX SA KAI. :slight_smile: It helps to double-check if it’s shipped from Amazon, not from another store that sells products through Amazon.


I disagree, mainly as 3rd party vendors will overprice sticks on Amazon


Well, I live in Brazil. If Amazon manages shipping, things go unbelievably smoothly, since they take care of import (you pay taxes beforehand, during check-out), and the package tends to arrive earlier than estimated. If there’s nobody to handle import on the customer’s behalf (a courier) at customs, it’s hell: who knows when or if you’ll get the package. If you’re lucky, it’ll take somewhere between one and two months, or it can easily take from two to three months, and my personal record is five months and two weeks (Arcade parts). It’s also possible that the package will be detained due to sheer incompetence (e.g., people who don’t know what an Arcade is, or see Arcade parts and think they’re weapon parts and you find yourself with a whole new level of headache) or stolen (though it isn’t nearly as likely as it is the case with an iPhone or a Playstation 4 labeled as such).

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of companies other than Amazon that guarantee delivery time in Brazil. A prime requirement is for there to be someone at customs, otherwise you’re @#=^ed.

I described my own situation. I don’t know where AlBorland lives and how things work for him, but since he talked about importing fighting sticks and mentioned Madcatz, I presumed he isn’t a US resident (e.g., purchasing a Madcatz product wouldn’t take importing).

(let me know if you actually live in the US, AlBorland :P)


Yeah I live in the US. I couldn’t find any vendors on amazon so far the only place I’ve found is nin nin japan


I think what I’m gonna do is use Amazon + Tenso…

That’s Madcatz right? Not some other third party seller?


$205 USD ain’t bad.


You would have to use Tenso to get it into the states (Amazon only ships CD’s, books, and some other small stuff internationally from Japan).

After Tenso costs, it would come up to around $230 USD, which still isn’t that bad…ESPECIALLY compared to nin nin


I added a nin nin order today to see what it would cost and it said $230 shipped to KY in the US


What exactly is Tenso?

I checked it out for IL and its like 300 dollars total. I’m not sure how you’re seeing only 230 but when you get to shipping it jumps sky high.


Its a shipping service that ships from Japan to the rest of the world. You would tell Amazon to ship the stick to a Tenso location, and then Tenso would forward it to you.

EDIT: Never mind, after CORRECTLY calculating the costs, it would be around nin nin’s price :frowning:


Yeah it looks like $300+ across the board. nin nin would label free shipping for me but when I went to pay it added the $80 shipping or whatever. It aint worth all that to me. I only want it for the PS4. I might as well wait another month


Yeah, hopefully its out next month. I need a stick so I may bite the bullet I’ve saved up enough…


Nin nin game is good. I bought my TE 2 from them. I would order again from them.


Way too expensive though…


I live in Mexico. The shipping was pretty cheap considering that the package weights 4.5 kg. Here the resellers would have priced the stick for mora than $350


Living in Australia, i have to buy everything from OS. Mat catz store wont ship here, Hori wont ship here.
I have to use Amazon or Ebay. Lets just say my 5 sticks have cost me close to $2k Australian (about 1950$ US) not including parts.
And I dont have a VLX, Fighting Edge or Panzer yet. :frowning:


Is there anywhere else to get the ultra sf4 TE2 besides Nin nin? I tried preordering on the madcatz site, but my orders kept messing up and i ended up getting charged 4 times on my credit card.


Madcatz site seems really garbage but some how I pulled through and got my orders right, a few times it shows 2x the price or the wrong shipping and numbers that don’t make sense at all.
I’m sure it will show up on Amazon when it’s out.


It looked wrong for me as well, but when I added S/H and calculated taxes on my own then I got exactly the total. So in the end the subtotals/taxes were not showing right but the total was good.

I’ll agree that’s a pretty major thing to screw up on a store but if the total is right and that’s what they actually charge (which it looks like they will because that’s what is authorized to my CC) then I’m fine with it.