Good places to buy custom boxes or stick building kits?

cant seem to find them online, although i could just be searching with the wrong terminology since i’m a nubcake at the whole stick building thing. I’m basicly just looking for a cheap, efficient box that i can easily put some buttons in, perhaps an LED stick, and my own artwork on the stick itself. any sites that can get me started?

look in the trading outlet. there are a lot of custom builders in there.

The cheapest Case in Trading Outlet is one from QCFGaming.
They are $40 price.

But if you are cool, you can get $200+ Cases.
Are you a person who is cool?

Luckyday, Makes custom boxes WIP Boxes you can purchase last i checked

I didn’t know he made Cases.
So he makes them on his own now?

What I only know is that he was the website side of QCFGaming, while satek made the Cases.

Lucky just runs(ran) the website. Satek does all the cases.


Better head in there quick. This is probably going to be his last production run since he’s officially closed his store.

I didn’t know who made them just of the site.