Good players you've come across

Ok, a thread for people you have actually played who have impressed you or who you think are good players or have given you a whoopin that was very humbling. state their name and the character they use…and its gotta be people you’ve actually played, not who you’ve just heard about or watched on youtube…and you cant nomninate youself!

for me its: (in no particular order)

marsgatti2009 – guile
smq91 – balrog
alias jopes – akuma
bad worry – ken/ryu
u no hurt m3 – ken/ryu
diceman078 – guile, chun li
calmdownmonkey – honda
corbulo – honda
ghost in head – vega
markyboy81 – ken/ryu
phillai – honda/zanguif/chun li
xOH MY GODx – sagat
spatz – blanka
EX2 Roy Munson – akuma
Tanatez – feilong
aquasnake – feilong
Zero 2k7 – ken/ryu
hitwari – deejay, zangief
snake eyez – ken/ryu
beil – dhalsim
eggo - dhalsim
mono027 – ryu

few others aswell but I havnt played them in months: mad possum (honda), kj out of the 19th(sagat)

diceman078 - guile
smq91 - balrog
dgv - ryu
etsuro - chun-li
thelothegreat - honda
zero 2k7 - ken
damdai - akuma
x kirruopi x - honda
De Mavrick - bison (one day he was absolutely amazing, then he fell off somehow, really weird)

TWINTURBOCOBRA - sick blanka
Jigglynorris - very good dic, but his T-Hawk is a monster
Higher Jin - Fei Long combo video every round

where’s the ps3 players love?
These are some of the cast.
DGV, Suken - Ryu
Haksukoun, sirpapacha, hadooklet - Zanqueef
Egotrip - fatman
Serious Sam - Ken
Voltech - Chun
Blueblood, Branta - claw
T3R - Bison
choi, tecmo - Guile
Cuthbert - sim

The scary thing about trying to make lists like this is that you’re bound to forget someone you’ve met along the way. Apologies for that ahead of time, but these are the names that stick out in my mind right now.

BlueTallCans (aka PAPICHAO) - Beat me using Blanka using only mindgames I hadn’t seen before. That isn’t easy.
Real Decoy - Blanka that lives up to its reputation.
| Empirion | - His Blanka is proof that you can pull off tight link combos in a Ranked match with consistency.
Westcyde - I can not do anything against this guy.
Eggo - Dhalsim that teaches you to bow down.
EA MegaMan - A fun Honda to play against that is out to destroy you.
ThelotheGreat - A not fun Honda to play against that is out to destroy you.
Mooocus - When I play against his Balrog, I know it’s time to lose.
Ninja Golf 2K6 - Another tough-as-nails Balrog.
YoungMagnus2008 - Early on when I was playing Player Matches, I fought many matches against this guy. Excellent Deejay player.
Electricgrave - Magnus’s rival. They play tons of Deejay/Zangief or Deejay/Deejay matches.
Bruce Askew - Speaking of excellent Deejay players, I’m a big fan of this guy and his style.
Snake Eyes - Navigating Blanka through his rain of fireballs is like guiding a marble through a rainstorm.
Kevin Claxton - Does a great job of getting into my head and playing the lowest common denominator.
JigglyNorris - I met him online the day he started playing HD Remix, just as he was learning R.Hawk. He was a monster then, and he’s an even bigger monster now.
Slayer KFK - There’s a lot more to him than crouching jab, and he is on a mission to prove that.
Digboyo - Tough, tough Fei Long with good character fundamentals.
Xx ClockWork xX - Plays Vega the way he’s meant to be played, by toying with you for a couple of rounds then showing you how it’s done.
Wnkz - Top of the line Dhalsim player.
MongoloRoboKop - Plays several characters with efficiency.
Ginotes - I love playing this guy because all the guys he practices happen to be counter characters to Blanka, which makes for great practice.
Slkvic - Dic player who always goes in for the kill.
SFII Legend - Dic player who kills you slowly.
Sultan of Sw1ng - He only has eight ranked matches under his belt, but don’t underestimate him. I’ve seen him take down multiple people on this list with his Dic, no problem.
Dragonaries - His Vega is superb.
Raakam - Played his Balrog/Ryu. Can’t keep your guard down against him.
studholdem - Horrifying Ryu player if you’re playing a non-projectile character. Throws DPs and combos with extreme precision.
Hongobongo - Guile player at about the same skill level as my Guile, which makes him a great test for my Blanka.
FrankDux DimMak - A Guile player beyond the skill level of my Guile, which gives me something to aspire to.
BHITMAN 17 - I feel like I’m playing against Hulk Hogan whenever I’m against this guy. Fun, solid Zangief player.
VOLTECH - Played his Chun Li once and knew I was in for the whupping of a lifetime.
bluejmninja - So this was the guy I was trying to remember because I played his Fei Long on Ranked, and it turns out he also plays a great Ryu. Was happy to see him again.
Le0n0wski - I only fought him once and as with anybody who’s scraped the top ten rankings on Xbox Live, it’s always an honor to play someone of his calibre. His DeeJay means business.
Airdash - When we played the Blanka mirror match, we got the electricity bug and he lit up. Fucking intimidated me. Felt like I was fighting a Super Saiyan. :lol:
Tails the Fox - One of the most fun players to fight against, because he plays for the love of the game.
fatboy srk - Smart Dhalsim player with knowledge of every match-up. You get the feeling he knows more about the character you’re playing than you do.

I’ll add more names as the memories of those ranked matches start trickling back. ggs to all of these guys. :china:

SMQ, ChampJackson, and OH MY GOD have no place in this thread. ChampJackson is a quitter, and SMQ and OH MY GOD talk a lot of shit when they get beat.

And thanks for the compliments. :slight_smile:

10/10 couldnt have said it any better on those 3 gamertags

But I LOVE beating players who talk a lot of trash on their mics in player matches, I just love pissing them off, oh, its a LOT of fun haha

Aww no one named me.

I just had him pegged as a cusser, but if two of the people on my list have had ragequits from him, that also makes him a quitter and sore loser. Off the list he goes.

oh my god also blows.


Hmmm…didn’t I say that after I watched his Sagat lose to Kuroppi? I mean…there was stuff that I was doing in Hyper Fighting that would’ve done more damage than what he was doing. Cr.:mk: XX :hk: Tiger Shot is basic stuff by now and he wasn’t even doing that when he had the chance.

he also uses a programmable pad. even more humorous.


Thanks for the support guys. Just recently I seem to have gone off the boil, but seeing my name mentioned with the other players has made me think that maybe I’m being too hard on myself.

Here’s my list in no particular order. Forgive me if we have played and I have not mentioned you; I play a lot of matches and it’s hard to remember them all. Also, it’s likely that I will have messed up or forgotten exactly how your gamertag is supposed to look, just remind me and I’ll fix it.

Snake eyez (Ryu, Gief)
DGV (Ryu)
aquasnake (Fei Long)
Royal Phlush (Fei Long, Ken)
Travelin Penguin (Balrog, Deejay)
EX2 Roy Munson (Akuma, Guile, Ken)
Mr Irepressible (Guile)
PlanetRV (Honda)
diceman078 (Guile)
spatz1 (Blanka)
Norieaga (Deejay, Cammy)
mad possum (Honda)
Bruce Askew (Cammy, Ken)
hitwari (Zangief, Ken)
markyboy81 (Ken)
vader00 (Ken)
Herbalholic (Ryu)
Kubz Da Kockney (Blanka)
Tschesae (Deejay)
| Empirion | (Blanka)

That’s all off the top of my head. Unfortunately due to lag, it means I miss out on a lot of the good US players.
It seems to be mostly the same names cropping up. Is this just the status quo, or could it be because some of the good ST/HDR players have moved on the SFIV? I think maybe a combination of both, but I think SFIV has reduced the HDR online community quite a lot.

Haru Tejyo- I think I spelled name wrong but you all know who this guy is… Flawless Zangief

Uhh, sorry I can’t remember names that well because it’s been A WHILE since I have got to play HDR. But I know I have had A LOT of great gamesin the past, it’s just been a while ago since I got to play…

Just a question to all: anyone play DE Mavrick? He uses Bison (Dic). Its weird: one night when I played him he was dominating EVERYONE, and was pulling the most amazing Bison combos I’ve ever seen. He was dizzying the hell out of everyone nonstop. I had some good matches with him but I couldn’t do shit in the end. Then, I meet him again in a player room. At this point I was thinking “WTF do I do,” so I picked Cammy since I have problems with Bison sometimes as Dee Jay. What do you know, I totally owned him. All the time. Its like he had a friend over or something.

zero1 2k7 - thank you for the mention, I’m glad I left a good impression on someone (who am I kidding, you just inflated my already-massive ego :D).

I have to throw you in there, that Hawk of yours is retarded good man.

Your pretty good too! I seem to recall you kicking my ass a few nights ago… (My poor struggling Sim)

that oh my god guy fucking sucks.
he lags, cries when he losses, and hes very racist. after I quit on his ass to go play with friends he mes\saged me and said “stay in your place ******”. LOL

I dont have any. I remember the rumor being thrown around a little bit and then Orochi came in and said that it was definitely true.