Good practice regime

Hi everyone,

I’m new to these forums. I’ve been passionate about competitive gaming for about 5 years but mainly RTS’s on PC (WC3, Dota, SC2) and I’ve recently bought a PS3, and arcade stick and a few fighting games. I’ve been fascinated by competitions on Umvc3 and SF4 for about a year and a half and I really wanted to give it a try. I have no real fighting games experience but I’m a dedicated trainer (learned that in SC2 :P) and I’ll spend the amount of time required to learn stuff in practice mode.

I took the time to read all the newbie guides and games 101 I could find here and now that I got a better understanding of some of the game’s basics rules I’d like to practice a bit more efficiently, learning specific combos and better execution.

So I’d just like some advice on what seem to be a good practice regime for a dedicated noob who’s only been button bashing vs lvl 4 AI so far :slight_smile:

I was thinking of spending 2 hours each day (after work): 1 practicing on the missions for a specific character and the other 1 in HvH or Arcade against 4 or 5 stars AI and trying to make those combos work. Do you think it’s a good way to proceed? Do you overall believe AI is a good opponent to practice combos and execution? Is there any major aspect of the game I’m totally missing?

Other people might suggest other ways to begin, but this is what springs to mind for me if I was to start from fresh in your position;

Find a few characters you like and start messing around with them. Look up some youtube videos for their simple combos and try learning some of them. At the same time look at how the characters you’ve chosen can move around the screen. Look at how fast they can dash (using the 2 button dash), and if they have an air dash and look at what moves they have (projectile attacks are generally much better than attacks moves which involves throwing your own body at the opponent, and swords are MUCH better than non-sword attacks, so having swords and projectiles are very handy). So just play around until you at least have a general feel for them as a start.

Look at the characters you have 2nd and 3rd, and what assists they have, and think about what they let your character do. The common good ones are beam assists (Doom’s Plasma Beam/Magneto’s Disrupter and so on), quick assists (Akuma’s Tatsu/Frank’s Shopping Cart) or maybe you would want to consider vertical control assists (Dante’s Jam Session/Strider’s Vajra). Just play about with them and see what they can do and how quick they are, as well as how vulnerable they are.

From there, try playing against some people online using the player match function set to your region. The game’s been out forever so there won’t be many people close to your level, but your objective is just to play actual people and observe and learn. If you come across anyone even close to your level, play them until they leave the lobby, then add them to your friends list so you have at least one person to play every now and again who you can actually learn from and apply the things you’ve learned.

The main point is you’re trying to play people, and not AI, because AI sucks and teaches you a really weird way to play the game full of bad habits which won’t work against any person. The only thing they can be useful for really is to get a feeling for how to move your characters around and make the most of combo opportunities with your available meter.

If you’re going to have a proper go at this just please be prepared to learn a lot of information over a long period of time, because it’s not easy playing Marvel and there’s a silly amount of things you need to know. For reference IMO some of the easiest characters to pick up are characters like Wolverine, Wesker, Hulk, Sentinel, Doom, Taskmaster and Vergil (there’s more but my mind is drawing blank). Check out the specific character forums here

Other than that, welcome to the community and good luck.

Thx for your advice, I’ve found a few characters I’m starting to feel comfortable with. But my execution with the arcade stick is still pretty bad since I never used one before. Main problem though is finding some evenly matched opponents online in EU. I guess it’s just that people don’t play much fighting games on the old continent …

In which country are you? There’s a solid marvel community in the UK and there are smaller communities throughout europe, but yeah, the most played is SF4.

If you’re anywhere in Western europe (Uk, portugal, even france) you can add me and we can see if the online connection is okay-ish.

Edit: Ironic that the 2 people who responded to this are european players, haha.