Good PSN Viper's up for games?



Hello everyone,

I’m looking to play some really good PSN Viiper’s in order to get much better understanding of the matchup. I main Rog and my secondaries are Ryu and Cammy. I live in Miami, Florida so anyone close to or in that area would be ideal for a great connection.



play flash, hes from miami


lol, he could play flash for hours and still be mindfucked when it comes to viper


I’ve played Flash multiple times. I’m looking to play good Vipers on the PSN. I’m not sure if Flash has a PSN ID.


if u’ve played flash, then theres probably nothing new for you to see.
Though there are tons of psn vipers…not sure how good you are expecting?


There is always more to see.

The only way for me to ascend myself is to play people better than myself.

I’m looking for really good competition. One who is an execution monster and who knows the Viper like no tomorrow.

If your curious, My Rog has over 10000 BP and I know that in many cases that doesn’t mean much, but I really grind it out.

For me to win at tournies I have to constantly improve myself.


There’s our UYG psn stream that has various players on it. You never know who’ll you run into on the stream.


Nems, I’m on there all the time man.

It’s me Dmac0424.

Sorry I haven’t been on lately. School has been hectic


nice bp, whats ur pp thought…i think that matters more

just off the top of my head, frankie, zabi, hzy, djv, bey are all good vipers on psn and of course wolfkrone


hmmmmmmmmmmmm. makoto > viper just sayin




My BP is 3400+

^Do you mind if I play you Mikoal?


no i dont mind, add me though im not on much lately. school and work.


sure. I’ll shall gladly.

Any other good Vips?


Yo Dmac0424 whats up buddy. I played a really good viper today. His psn is calledeternal, he was trading wins with Moshtaba. Was little laggy but he has a very good viper, hit him up. Holla.