Good Replacement for PS3 controller when attending a Xbox 360 tournament?


hello! Many tournaments where I live are all featured on Xbox 360. Mainly, there is a tournament coming up in 2 days (I found out late) That is featured on an Xbox 360.

I use a PS3 Sixaxis controller, and I love the thing. I have an xbox controller but the D-Pad is KILLING me. I won’t be able to compete with it.

I’m willing to sell The PS3 controller for something that can work on an Xbox (Was thinking about getting the Madcats Fight pad for 360 so I can still use it on my computer)

I also have a PS2 controller but I’m in Fort Myers florida and I have no clue where I could buy a PS2 to Xbox 360 converter in just well… 1 day now.

Do any of you guys have suggestions on anything I could by or do, or maybe if I could even mod my PS2 controller to work on an xbox 360? Thanks for the help!


I’m not a pad player, but if I were in your situation and needed a quick solution, I’d go with the Madcatz SF IV Fightpad for the 360. I heard its got its fair share of technical problems like the D-Pad breaking and buttons not working and whatnot, but there aren’t any other pads that come to mind when it comes to buying a good one.

I really want one of the old-school Sega Saturn pads (the real ones not the ebay knockoffs) but finding an authentic one and finding it fast and cheap is not possible in your timeframe. Plus, I’m not sure if it works on the 360, but in my case I’d be using it for the PC and PS3 (when I decide to get one lol).


If your a pad player look for a modded Saturn pad.


The way I see it, the 2 easiest pads you can get your hands on this short notice besides the 360 pad is the fightpad and this saitek that supposed to have a better dpad than the stock 360’s.


I also have a Mad Catz pad for the PS triple (ballin’). The layouts are the same (except 360’s is wired) so it shouldn’t be a problem. Honestly, i think the pad is good. It’s very responsive, the buttons have held out and I pound on them. The wireless dongle did die on me two weeks ago, but I just got the replacement from mad catz free of charge.

I also had the nubytech sf anniv. pad and compared to the mad catz one the sf 4 pad blows it out of the water (the paint on my nubytech buttons are already gone, dpad is smaller).

Just my take, i think mad catz made a good pad. Of course, saturn pads are great. Probably have to connect through usb converter. I did this with my nubytech and I noticed input lag.

Anyways, good luck!