Good Reputation from having fun and winning


It seems that i’m getting friend requests and fight requests on my Received List due to the fact that i’ve increased my morale. When i was a common failure, I used to be a victim of constant beatdowns, getting hate messages like “YOU SUCK!” , being called a button spammer and chickening out during matches. That was on Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale and UMvC3 last year!

Fast forward to this year, Since i have been going to Training Mode and Doing better and having fun on Online. It seems everytime whenever i win or lose i get friend requests and everytime i play casual or racing games, I get a notification from a friend to come back to the game.

Am i gaining good karma from winning and having fun or is my reputation on the Playstation Network getting better?


Or it could be that christmas wasn’t long ago and lots of new people who don’t know any better feel a desire to treat PSN like facebook and add everybody.

Congratulations, You’ve been collected.


Haha I remember back in HS when everyone went around getting their yearbooks signed, people would tell me not to sign some of them so that people wouldn’t have a complete yearbook. Haha HS drama.


Wasn’t everything about highschool drama? With the exception of drama class for some odd reason.