Good safe punisher for dragon punch mashers?

Hiya, I’m a old time street fighter player (Dhalsim), just getting back into it through SF4 (Can’t believe how good it is, it’s the best SF yet, IMO).

Anyway, forgive me if this is a bit of a noob’s question but I was hoping someone could help me out with Shoto players who throw out lots of dragon punches. In the old days if I managed to block a dragon punch, then I’d usually go for a throw. But with SF4, against wilder players I usually end up getting another DP for my trouble. Is there a safer way I can counter them? Punishing missed DPs is a big part of my game.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Check out the combo thread. Most of the ground combos work fine.

Back mid kick, LP flame (+ super if I have meter) is my usual go to punish.

Try doing back+MK. Fast and good range.

Against blocked lp shoryuken:

hk slide (100 dmg) (70 dmg) xx HP yoga fire (20 dmg blocked)
super or ultra also works but they need a good reaction

Against blocked mp/hp/ex shoryuken:

db.hp, (you need to be as close as possible, no bar needed)
b.hp xx flame EX (My favorite! 160 dmg, 1 bar used)
b.hp xx MP flame xx super(4 bars)
ultra, MP flame xx super (611 dmg lol)

db. hp link into super

pretty easy to do

i cant imagine this mixup can be done ?
are you sure of this ? have u tried it ?
ultra into mp flame ? followed by super ???

if u said light flame i might think of it , but mp flame ???

It’s not a mixup, it’s a combo.

And you cancel medium yoga flame into super.

It’s most certainly doable. If i’m correct Dhalsim’s strongest combo is Ultra -> b.FP -> MP Yoga Flame -> Super

Hey there, do one of the following when Ryu mashing LP dragon punches.

  1. db. HP
  2. b. MK
  3. db. MP
  4. yoga inferno (LP version)

My suggestion is not doing more than 1 hit when punishing Ryu mashing DPs. Different from what you see from others tell you above, mainly because your opponent location is not always beside you when they are mashing DPs. Sometimes when you block their DPs, you are blocking the ‘ending’ part of the move, and they recovers faster, and that’s why you always get hit by the second/third DPs. Until you are super comfortable (you say that you are playing ST before) with distance in SF4, then you can try to go for combos instead of 1-hit punish.

Never ever do b+mk -> yoga fire against mashers, even they get hit by your b+mk, they will recover and DP you again (hitting Sim’s extruding mouth during the start of yoga fire). I hope you play more, and get what I mean. By the way, if they are not a “pixel” beside you after blocked DP, never throw them otherwise you will eat one more DP for sure. Lastly, strongly suggest not to do b+mk -> yoga flame although the flame will usually eat their 2nd/3rd DP. Much tried before , usually the opponent is pushed too far away and it will not connect, and put you in unnecessary Danger. If you don’t trust me, trust Iyo and other top Sim users. They mainly do 1 hit and get to a better place (zoning), and do 1-hit again.

This is actually because of the hit animation of b+mk on some shotos (it’s been discussed here somewhere). You can do -> yf instead and have it connect with a bit more comfort.

If you are from Manchester then come to Gamerbase in the weekends, I’m sure we can share a few ideas :slight_smile: