Good Sagat Strat



Ive tried playing him several times now from an offensive standpoint, but i never have success. I just got my fivepeat by remaining completely defensive and punishing when the opportunity arose. Although it seems every pro vid and stream i watch Sagat is a relentless offender. Am i doing anything wrong? Do i need to make more use of his bountiful cancels and combos?


6 pool, then get 6 Zerglings, then KAPLAWWWWW~


Im more of a siege drop on the mountain just topside of their base. Shit goes BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM everywhere


2Rax proxy into early expansion is the current metagame


You guys are no f*ckin’ help at all…


^nor is your post. Just sayin’



Always buy a defuse kit.


cannon rush.

Well I feel like on every first round against an unknown opponent, you have to play very cautiously, but make your presence known with some shots. I always try to zone first, and after I find out how DP anxious they are, I might move in a bit or stay at the back of the screen.


Things I learned from my brief period of time with Sagat that have leveled me up fast

  1. Match ups
    This is pretty important, match up knowledge is often more complex than people realize and can be the deciding factor as to whether you win a match or
    not. An example of something I learned from doing match up research was how to punish pretty much everything cody can do
    I learned from reading Cody’s frame data that you can use uppercuts to punish tornado’s on block(that might seem obvious to most experienced Sagats but I have only been playing him for a month). Read your opponents frame data and use it against them

  2. Anti air
    A little known fact about Sagat to people that don’t play him is that he has the greatest air control in the SF4
    This is because no matter were your opponent jumps you can strike them
    Jump right next to Sagat
    Lp TU deals perfect for close range jumps
    Is Seth Trying to bait out uppercuts by canceling his wall jump early with a dive kick
    Kara Hp TU will pop him right out of the air
    Forward roundhouse is also a great option but you need to be careful with the spacing

  3. Tk Pressure
    Emblem lord talks about this all the time and knows more about it than I ever will so I will say nothing other than read what he has written

  4. Psychological approach
    When you play street fighter how much though do you put into each action you take
    Do you put thought into what your opponent can do?
    If Chun li has Ultra 1 stocked up are you going to throw fireballs at will
    Or will you look at her movement to see if she has charge or not?
    The thought that is put into actions are what separates top players from scrubs


If you want to be super safe, just go 14 Gas 14 pool


i was thinking about picking up sagat as my alternate character i would like to see if somebody can teach me the in’s & out’s of sagat hes seems like a kool defensive character add me on xbl SoO AmaZYN<br>


Should really learn to play a macro game instead of focusing on cheese. However, do what you feel is fun. ^^


but seriously


His angry scar is amazing for helping you get those AA TUs in. Nothing more demoralizing than watching your character getting TU’d after 1 second of slow motion. Anytime an opponent is off the ground, angry scar slows things down a bit to help you react to whats going on, and the sense of doom lingers in the air while your opponent remains helpless trying to jump in at you. If the opponent is on the ground you better be shooting fireballs. If he is jumping, angry scar and tiger uppercut him into oblivion.


lol that flowchart is hilarious!