Good secondaries for Cody?



This is my absolute first topic and post on Shoryuken’s forums so bear with me if this question is a bit stupid. Here goes, anyway.

I’ve been playing Street Fighter (and fighting games in general) for a little over two years and only just recently did I pick Cody as a main. I still have plenty of work to do in order to get better with him. My friends insist it’s important for me to play Cody exclusively so I can properly learn his matchups and effectively learn how to deal with his harder ones. I agree with this completely. Unfortunately, I am a very fickle person, and while Cody is good fun, it’s hard picking a proper secondary. I like to keep things fresh as I play, and when I’m having a hard time with Cody, I like to have a character to fall back on so I can come to Cody later with a more open mind.

Justin Wong wrote an article for EventHubs showing off his tier list for AE. While I don’t necessarily hold his word as law (though he is a damn good player and I respect him), I found it interesting that for every character, he put a list of one to three “partners” that someone should use alongside that character as secondaries if they tried to main them. Unfortunately, he didn’t list anyone for Cody. I used to think that picking a secondary was as easy as picking out a character that covers your mains worst matchups (a “counterpick”, as I understand it), but I realize it’s more important to pick them based on how well they compliment your main.

So with that, I ask all of you; who do you believe is the best secondary for Cody in Ultra? Who plays similarly enough to him or compliment’s Cody’s playstyle, or wh stands out enough to be a good counterpick? Or is it all a simple matter of preference?

(For reference, I like using Yun and Rose quite a bit. Yun more than Rose, definitely.)


There is a general Cody thread which would be a good place to discuss this: Cody USF4 General Discussion

I’ll post my response there.