Good Secondary to Bison?

I found a previous thread, but that was for Super. I’m kinda not too interested in Bison anymore, I only really use him on PSN if I lose playing a random character and then I get those “HAHAHA YOU SUCK!” messages. I used Rog once or twice, just because I’m learning how to use the stick too and I found his BnBs kinda easy lol.

a lot of bison players have vega as a secondary (myself included). it’s not the best idea though since vega and bison share some bad MUs.

if you’re gonna pick a secondary smartly, you’d pick one that will cover your main’s bad MUs. if you dont really care about that and are gonna trudge through with your main regardless, then pick whatever character you feel is funnest.

id use sakura as a secondary but i seem to suck shit with motion characters (since ive been using charge since ST and my brain has trouble comprehending the different thought process you need :s )

Ah Sakura, don’t think I’ve really played her properly. I used to play Vega for a while as well, but I noticed that too, they share the same bad MUs.

Depends on playstyle.

Lately I’ve been digging Feilong, Yun, Evil Ryu, Deejay, Guile and Cody.

I got awful hand reactions, I wish I could play Chun and Honda. I’m not even good enough to land uppercuts into FADC that properly for the most part so my Feilong and Evil Ryu are pretty subpar. Characters that don’t utilize those things fit more to my style even though I like them with it. So I’m kinda clicking more with Yun, Deejay, Guile, and Cody because they have different ways of dealing damage and capitalizing on mistakes.

inb4 top tier bashing! :x

Tier scrub gtfo! Jk, I appreciate your reply. :stuck_out_tongue: I noticed I could never do uppercut fadc ultras properly online, until recently. I guess I got used to the lag? Could always do it in training mode lol. Still miss Balrogs Headbutt into ultra sometimes though.

My second is Juri she helps with geif and guile, shes okay with chun altho i still dont think its in her favor… but honda still shits on me…

A lot of Bipsons seem to like Yang, myself included. Plus his c.LK link is the same as Bison’s so you’ve already got that hit-confirm to get you started. :wink:

Guile! Would be nice to have a secondary to counter him since he’s still so popular. Anyone else I switch to pretty much is crap against him too. In the end it just ends up being a Sonic Boom fest in a mirror.

I can understand why no one has suggested him due to being a broken choice but what about Dan? I assume your after someone a little different and a bit more fun as a 2nd, Dan fits both in my eyes

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He’s 100% serious. I actually wanna see how many games I can win doing KRK, Super Taunt, Ultra 2.

This thread is awesome. I don’t really have a secondary, but i like to use dudley, guile, sagat, seth, and vega. I know the basics of those characters along with some block strings and beginner mix-ups, but far from mastered any of them. haha. If you care about MU’s, wouldn’t Dhalsim be a good choice?

yeah I do little bit Dhalsim because tier wise he is anti-guile, but still I think smart guile is very tough, in corner, defense is not easy…
I use Ryu sometime against Guile. what bad MU guile have?

and also, if you pick up Guile, is very useful when you sure you playing Mirror…hey why not let other dictator eat your sonic boom?

I don’t necessarily have a secondary, never tried to use one in tournament and stuff but the closest thing I have to a secondary is Ryu and maybe Dee Jay. I definitely know that Dee Jay does well against all of Bison’s notoriously hard match ups (Gief has a hard time getting in and Guile has a hard time staying out) but it should boil down to a character that you like. Wouldn’t tell you to pick up a twin if you’ve been playing Dhalsim all your life XD.

I noticed when I played Ryu for a bit, I kept trying to do an uppercut with Bison lol. I don’t even mash it, but I guess I got used to using it on wakeup when I know my opponent is just mashing himself. I actually received messages saying “You don´t uppercut enough” lol.

Same for Ken who I’m fairly good with. I go straight in and rush down, hardly any uppercuts used.

Yang’s cr.LK to rekkas combos require cr.LK > cr.LP, very hard link IMO.

If you are not into competitive play, choose whoever you like. Otherwise pick an alt that handles dic’s bad match ups.

In my case I use DeeJay as a secondary. Reasons are simple DeeJay’s AA doesn’t suck like Bison’s does and Deejay has a permanent trollface.

No they don’t … c.LKx3 xx HP Rekka all day.

The answer depends on the purpose of the secondary:

-to cover your bad matchups (i.e. for tournaments)
-to learn a completely different playstyle
-to learn a new character, but with similar mechanics (i.e. boredom, but lack of time to commit to someone like…fuerte)

It also depends on your skill level.

Fei will cover just about all your bad matchups in AE. The only difficult thing I feel with Fei is his 1-frame unplinkable hit-confirm bnbs, and his awful walk speed.

Ken is a good choice for basic rushdown. Adon too, and he has good footsies. Yang for divekicks.

Chun and Rog are relatively easy to transition to.

If you want to throw fireballs, you’re pretty much left with Sagat.