Good Secondary to Bison?

Oh damn I didn’t even know. Awesome.

I like Vega. I mained him before switching to Bison as my main, and I’ll still break out Vega for certain matchups where I feel he’s a better choice (Guile, Dhalsim and Bison come to mind). It helps that they both have a similar set of normals, fast walk speed and that they both require relatively easy execution, so transitioning between the two is quite easy. Though Vega certainly doesn’t cover all of Bisons bad matchups…

[INDENT=1]my other main is Chun but I’m unexperienced with her. Trying to learn Yang right now…Yang is perfect if you got those c.shorts down! Just make sure to hit 2369+P by this I mean (qcf:uf:+P) if your mantis slashes are not coming out right or go into training and see what your doing wrong![/INDENT]

I used Chun-Li as an alternate in Super, but now Cody’s taken that place more since AE. I still mess around with Chun a bit though.
Dee Jay’s Dread Kicks are not so different from Scissor Kicks and his BnBs are sort of similar so it’d be nice to start there. DJ’s actually pretty well rounded considering he can zone and rush down.